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Readers Respond: How Often Do You Have Sex When Trying to Get Pregnant?

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Updated March 17, 2015

sex like rabbits

Three to five times per day, for seven months, and keeping my fingers crossed.
—Guest queen of sex

Tired of being negative

My husband and I have been TTC for 3 years. I was previously married for 5 years and did not get pregnant even though we tried non stop. I met my now husband and got pregnant within 3 months of being together. Now my daughter is 3 and we have been trying since she was born to conceive again. It's soooo frustrating and depressing. I tell myself that it will happen but the older I get and the more my daughter asks for a sibling the harder it gets. We now have sex everyday, even if we don't want to. Sex now seems like a job instead of anything remotely entertaining. I am so sick of taking a test every month just to see the negative results. I know it can happen, the questions is when??
—Guest Layci

Ever since!

Since I was in dating, I always had unprotected sex with all my boyfriends I've been with. But never got pregnant, Now I'm married and we are trying for four months, still no baby. . I had myself checked and the doctor said I have no problem. Now my hubby had his checked up, hoping that there is nothing wrong with him. Crossing my finger till the results comes. To all who are trying, don't let sex to be a chores .your relationship will suffer. I've been there, it comes to me that I am going to leave my hubby .But because of communication and both dreams and wishing to have a child, this put us together more closely . hoping this year will be lucky for all of us! Baby dust to all!
—Guest may

Sex everyday during the ovulation time

We have been TTC for 4 years now, we had sex more often as from day 10 to 18 as believe that ovulation occur on day 14. Once ovulation passed we had twice a week.
—Guest Rejoice

What's wrong with me?

I've been TTC for 5 years and now it's getting to the point where I am getting so very depressed and my relationship with my husband seems distant. My in-laws have been getting pregnant with no problem and they've been trying for a shorter time than I. I get so depressed when someone ask "do you have children?" when I say no they say "what are you waiting for? Don't you want some?" I'm sure some of the other women here can relate with me when I say that really hurts. I just don't know what to do anymore. I no longer enjoy sex.
—Guest Ki

sex in alternate days

We have sex every other day during the whole cycle, and we try to everyday during our fertile week.
—Guest julie


Me and my fiancee been trying for 3 months now; we have sex everyday and still no baby.
—Guest amy

Do it all the time because we want to...

I don't know if you would consider us TTC. We want a baby, but we just have been having sex for the past three years unprotected and letting things happen. He just wants to let things happen though and thinks we'll have a baby when we're ready. I, however, am all too eager. Lately I guess we've been actually trying. We don't chart anything or keep track really. We just keep our fingers crossed. But anyway, we have sex 3-10 times a week. We've always done so. We're just that close and one of us is always wanting to do so. We just try not to think about babies or the stress of living during our "special times" - which aren't even planned. We've just never run into a problem except not being able to conceive. :sighs:
—Guest Anna

every day sex

my husband and i've been TTC for some time now. We started with sex everyday for almost five months but the test is still negative. I am now thinking we should try every other day but i won't want to take the blame when it comes out negative again. We are both normal.
—Guest modupe

Husband has already lost interest

We have been TTC for about a year now. When we first started we really weren't trying, we were just having sex and kind of crossing our fingers that it might magically result in a pregnancy. We didn't think it would be that hard if we weren't using protection, birth control, or withdrawing. But after about 8 months went by we started to wonder. I saw a gynecologist, and ended up having a surgery to remove mysterious scar tissue. My husband is at a point that he doesn't enjoy sex with me much. It feels like a chore to both of us, and I have to stop talking about baby dreams or else there's no chance of having sex with him. It's really depressing. The stress of trying to get pregnant, something that comes SO easy to others around me, has become a damper on our marriage, and destroyed our sex life. Once you dig yourself into that hole, it's hard to dig yourself out. Hopefully we can do it one day, but it doesn't stop my now HUSHED obsession of the thought of being a mommy.
—Guest Brittany


We have been having sex everyday for a year and six months. The only time we don't have sex is if we are mad at each other and even then sometimes we still have sex. But sex is still very exciting for us. No baby yet.
—Guest lisa moore

Pretty often!

We have sex pretty often, about 4 times a week (sometimes more), if we're both up to it. During O time, we have recently been trying to have sex every day leading up to it, and even twice a day on O day! Even after a year of marriage and 8 months TTC, sex has not become a chore for us, unless we don't feel well. It's a very special bonding time between us!
—Guest R.M.

General recommendations

We have been TTC for over a year now. At first, like most of the women here, we were having sex every day. But we eventually both lost interest and it felt like it was a chore more than a pleasure. We have sex at least three or four times a week still, and everyday throughout my ovulation period.
—Guest Stephanie


We have been TTC for almost 4 months now and at first we had sex everyday, I would say for the first 2 months! Although, we are newly weds so it wasn't so bad, however after the 2 months were up I was soo over it! When I spoke with my doctor she said it was best to have sex every other day just in case my husband has a lower sperm count. The every other day thing has been okay so far although at times it does seem like a chore, I find myself saying "It's sex night, let's go!" And we have sex and just go to sleep! My husband doesn't care too much I don't think, just because he actually gets to have sex,haha, but its no longer enjoyable and the added stress of always getting that negative test each month has really put a damper on things!

Not great

Been TTC for over 3 years. It is very tough on our relationship, and we struggle to make it 1-2 times around ovulation.
—Guest Alison
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