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Readers Respond: How Trying to Get Pregnant Has Changed Your Sex Life

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Updated June 15, 2014

Trying to get pregnant can have a positive impact on your sex life in the beginning, but if you struggle with trying to conceive, things can turn ugly. Infertility has been shown in research to increase the chance of sexual dysfunction in men and women, and many couples trying to conceive say sex feels more like a chore.

How has trying to get pregnant changed your sex life? What’s changed for the better? What’s changed for the worse?

Turns to workreally fast

My husband and I tried for about 2 years to conceive our first baby. It was exiting and fun at first, but after awhile it felt like I was broken, and sex became a chore. I was emotional all the time. My husband was very patient and loving during this time, but when a woman wants a child so badly, not much can make her feel better when it takes so long. Its hard, it hurts, and sadly the hurt only stops with a positive pregnancy test!
—Guest Ashley

Feel like a failure

Every time we have sex, I feel like we failed. It's as if I am failing "sex school". Sex is for making babies, and we can't seem to do it! It's frustrating and depressing...
—Guest Anna1234
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