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Readers Respond: Frustrating Pregnancy Symptoms When Not Pregnant

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Updated June 15, 2014

Experiencing pregnancy symptoms when you're not pregnant is a common frustration for those trying to get conceive. We should probably put "pregnancy symptoms" in quotes, since you can rarely tell if you're pregnant, or just dealing with PMS, or just imagining it completely!

I like to think I've wised up to imaginary pregnancy symptoms, but I do still fall for them at times. Have you ever thought symptoms you were experiencing were signs of pregnancy, when they were not? Which "pregnancy symptoms" drive you crazy? And if you've ever been pregnant, could you tell the difference?

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Ugh...2 years

My husband and I have one child, a daughter, she is almost 3, and we have been trying to have another for 2 years now. I get all the symptoms, so I take a test and boom nothing. I'm young. I just don't understand how we can have one child and not another. Test after test, year after tear, sometimes I think it's just in my head. This kills me. I heard that if you want it, it won't happen, but if you don't think about it, it will happen. My first pregnancy brought me and my husband back together we were separated and had sex one time and it happens. I guess just gotta keep praying if it works, it works. I can't afford in vitro or anything. Let's just pray all together that everyone in here get a miracle child they want. So prayers to every single one of you.
—Guest Guest Cassie

TTC Disappointment

Another month disappointed with getting my period. Since I ovulated I've had sickness and sore boobs, heartburn, all good signs of being pregnant, then guess what? My period arrives two days early. I can't believe it. Been trying for 6 months and off the pill for same time; it's probably still early I know, but I wish my body wouldn't trick me! It's mean. :( Back to the ov sticks for us. Good luck everyone! x
—Guest nikki

No period, not pregnant

I haven't had a period in like 6 months. My fiance were trying but then gave up after three months. I've taken over a 100 tests (at the doctor and at-home tests). I've gained a lot of weight, I get morning sickness, and I'm having every pregnancy symptom I know of. The doctors are being quite stupid and running the same tests over and over. Thyroid, celiac, PCOS, etc... I just don't now what to do anymore!!
—Guest ChelseaLynn

It hurts to not be pregnant.

The past 13 days I have been reading forum pages, feeling like I am pregnant because of the symptoms I have. Tired, lower stomach pain, loss of appetite, heartburn, nausea, gas. I keep feeling like I can feel the life inside me, but then a friend asked me if it was all in my head. I have been working hard lately so that would explain being tired. I feel like I can't eat so that would explain the heartburn and gas. And my periods, though steady most the time, sometimes have a life of their own. I once went two months with no period and sadly was not pregnant. It hurts so bad that I might not be. The last four days I spent planing for a fake future. I could be pregnant but I think I have to stop fooling myself too. It just really hurts.
—Guest AG

All the symptoms

I have been having most of the symptoms, especially with my breasts, heavy, tender and extremely painful. Been tired and have a backache as well. I started clomid treatment in my last cycle. I had a miscarriage about two years ago. I just started bleeding. I am really down right now.

TTC Baby #2

I have been trying to get pregnant with my husband for 18 months now; my first daughter was conceived naturally after seven months of trying. When we started trying for #2, I kept waiting for anything to happen but nothing. That's when I went to a fertility doctor and had an HSG and found out the two fallopian tubes are blocked. That's when I really fell apart. I did not expect this, I always wanted to conceive naturally, and I feel the bitterness now that one of the methods now to achieve pregnancy is through IVF. This was like my last resort ever, now it's all I have...
—Guest anhar

So disappointed

I been TTC for two years. I had sex two days before ovulation and four DPO I started to get extreme fatigue to the point where I'm having naps in the afternoon even after a good nights rest. Then came some cramps on my lower right abdomen and stomach soreness at 8 DPO. At 9 DPO, I became very gassy and was burping a lot, all the way to 13 DPO. Even my boy friend kept saying I was pregnant. None of this is normal for me, so I really thought I was pregnant but this morning I just got my period. I am so hurt because I really wanted a baby more then anything in this world. I wanna cry so bad. It never seems to workout for me. I'm tired of trying....
—Guest Roni


We have been married for a year and a half now. Since half year ago, I am trying to get pregnant. I swear other can see me and even God know how much I want to be a mother I wanted so much till got false pregnancy symptoms for two months in row. Each time disappointed by my period. This month I got most of the pregnancy symptoms. So sure I am, but today I got my period again. I gave up. This is too much hurting for me. I know it's only a few months trying, and too early to give up. But the disappointment and hurt is too much to bear.
—Guest guest

I feel pregnant every month!

I have been trying to conceive for a year and every 2ww I think I'm pregnant. I get nausea and cramps from when I ovulate until Aunt Flow (my period) shows. I went to the docs and found out I have two ovarian cysts on my right ovary, and a few years ago, I had a dermoid cyst removed from my left ovary. Maybe that's causing the symptoms, I don't know.
—Guest beccy

Sad , overly excited

Me & my husband have been married for a year, we've been together for almost ten years though and he really wants a baby, but I haven't gotten pregnant not one time. Every month I have really bad PMS, and I always get my hopes up. My periods change a lot, and it kills me. Know that I haven't been pregnant yet.
—Guest Wanting to be a mommy


I hope you all come back and write on this page I'm pregnant.... having a baby at 40.
—Guest having a baby at 40

Confusion and delusion?

I have almost all the symptoms of being pregnant. I took not one but two tests and they both came out positive. Some people are telling me it could be all in my head. I can be thinking about it too much that I'm getting symptoms.
—Guest Guest leeanna

Always disappointed, So confused

I have been married for a year and a half and my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant the whole marriage. I have off scheduled periods and have skipped a month before. Every time that happened I thought I was pregnant. Take a test and negative results. Grrrrr! So now I have missed my period two months! Have some pregnancy symptoms, but also period symptoms. I haven't taken the test yet but I am going to give myself one more week. So, whats going on? Why do I feel like I am going to start but nothing has happened yet?

Trying Again!!

My husband and I tried for 7 years before our son came along. We were overjoyed. He is now 21 months old and we thought we would try again but hoping it don't take another 7 years. We have been trying now for 2 months and no period in January so far and I usually go 3 weeks and 3 days between periods. I hate to get my hopes up because it took so long the first time. I have taken 3 tests and negative every time. This morning I woke up and started feeling sick like morning sickness I felt with my son but the test was negative. I have been cramping for over a week and don't know what to think. I am without insurance at the moment so it's expense to just go to my doctor. CONFUSED!!!!
—Guest Amanda

I want to be a mommy

My husband and i have been trying to get pregnant since November of 2010 and still no luck! I have been feeling symptoms like breast tenderness, fatigue, cravings everyday, excessive saliva, and constipation. My husband and mother in law think I am pregnant, but I don't want to get my hopes up. We have thought I was pregnant 2 times before but I started my period after I took the hpt.
—Guest guest yesi

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Frustrating Pregnancy Symptoms When Not Pregnant

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