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Readers Respond: Frustrating Pregnancy Symptoms When Not Pregnant

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Updated March 17, 2015

"felt" pregnant for four months straight

I am 33 yrs old had four kids before so i know what pregnancy feels like and that you feel the symptoms sooner. Well after August 21st and had sex with my bf I started having symptoms. My period came earlier than normal and was longer than I didn't have one the next month, then i had one at the beginning of the next month and it was shorter and lighter t=and brownish. Then I had pink spotting. I took four pregnancy tests two hpt and two blood tests and all came up negative but I still have all the symptoms four months later and feel a fluttering sensation in my belly. Am I pregnant or just having a phantom baby? I also had tubal sterilization four yrs ago and had gallbladder surgery two yrs ago. I am wondering if they did something while they were in there? I hope I am because I lost my other kids because of my ex husband and he lost them too. Please sprinkle baby dust on me. :/
—Guest confused

What's wrong with my body!?!

I have not had a period for almost two months. I have alot of the symptons for pregnancy. I took a test about three weeks ago and it was negative. I think I will take one more. If it is negative, I do not know what to do. I have quite a few symptons. After 14 years of marriage and never getting pregnant and now my body is whacked...I would love to know why you can have phantom symptons if you are not pregnant.
—Guest Marci

I can't belive I'm not pregnant

I'm 20 years old, me and my partner have been trying for two years and nothing. I'm very upset and had load of tests at doc last month, so thought I was I was late. I had cravings, tired, cramps, and also felt like I was gonna pass out a few times. And I know it sounds stupid, but even if I had a miscarriage, at least I'm know I could get pregnant.
—Guest mel

Wanna give up on trying to get pregnant

My husband and I had our beautiful daughter 6 years ago. After her birth, we decided that we didn't want anymore children and he had a vasectomy. I'm now 39, and two years ago, we changed our minds. So the Vasectomy was reversed. For the last year and a half, we have been trying to get pregnant (he has good count) and still nothing. I got pregnant in one month last time, but not this time. We have pretty much given up, but then, every month when I get my period, I'm STILL disappointed. This past couple weeks I've been nauseous and late and then had a weird and unusual 2 day period and other strange stuff. Broke down and took a test and... Nope. Another disappointment. I want to give up hope, but every month I'm disappointed once more.

I now know I'm not alone!!!

I've been married for three years and we want a baby so bad! About a year ago, we got the news that my husband has varicocele (tangled blood vessels in the scrotum), which can lead to infertility. We have really been trying recently and I think I finally could be... I have a lot of symptoms and I just need to get some advice from women just like me. Every month, I think this is it, and then here comes the big bad period to ruin my happy times. But this time I have this comfortable feeling that God is telling me now it's real... Here are the symptoms I am experiencing: 1. Swollen/itching Breast's 2. White vaginal discharge off and on 3. Cramping of lower abdomen 4. Lower back aches 5. Fever off and on 6. Heartburn off and on 7. Bloating 8. Light headedness 9. Feeling weak sometimes 10. Feeling sad and crying for no reason 11. and for the last week my vagina walls feel swollen (tighter).
—Guest Jessica

Glad I'm Not Alone

Always been regular with period both on and off the pill. Now it seems I am 6 days overdue for period. Breasts tender then they aren't, nauseaous then I'm not, libido is through the roof (unfortunately my partner's libido is not), cramping, tired, eating like crazy. whilst I normally have some of these symptoms during pms, I've never had them like this. E.G. I ALWAYS have breast tenderness around 5 days before and leading right up to bleeding (regular as clockwork), now it's surging on and off - Strange! All these symptoms got me thinking I was pregnant. It all felt different to the usual oh here comes my period. Did test last night. Negative. Still no period, extremely nauseous, emotions up and down minute by minute. I'm going to wait to end of this week and then if no period, go to DR as I may just have my calculations wrong. I'm more concerned there is something up with my women bits and finding something terribly wrong, than not being pregnant.
—Guest PennyG

Negative but feel pregnant

I am 33 year old mother of four that were taken away after my divorce, but I had my tubes sterilized after my fourth. Then two years later, I had gallbladder surgery and wondered if they fixed them. I am having ALL the symptoms down to the weight gain, pelvis heaviness, fatigue, nausea, etc. It's been two months since I was with my boyfriend and all the tests came up negative, but I had an abnormal period this month. Should I wait until I don't have one or just forget about being pregnant and hope the symptoms will go away? I want another baby.
—Guest Wannabe

Want to be a mommy!

I want a baby so badly but after I miscarried I am so afraid to fall pregnant again, and as luck would have it, I have been having pregnancy symptoms for about five weeks now. It's a bitter/sweet feeling, maybe a bit more sweeter than bitter.
—Guest Dawn

Frustrating Times

I have been sick for the last 3 weeks. I have sore breast, mood swings, weird cravings, can't eat foods that I love, naseau, backaches, heartburn, cramps, been vomiting for the past 2 weeks, and I have been eating when I'm full. I don't know what to do. I have tried pregnancy test, they come out negative. I haven't missed my period. But I only have my period for 24 hours then it's gone. Am I sick or pregnant?? What should I do???

Had given up, now wondering

hmmm, had some spotting a week ago, breast a lil tender, assumed it was my period, 12 days early so I ran to walgreens and grabbed my monthly neccessaries, had some cramping which is normal for the first day then usually the next day the cramps go all out and i start, but i didnt. I have a 16 yr old son and have not been pregnant again since. I had given up, now Im wondering. Its a week later, still not due for my period yet, light cramping off and on, breast still tender, sometimes more so than others, strong sense of taste, quite emotional but I've had these phantom symptoms before and no baby. SOMEBODY SPRINKLE ME WITH THAT BABY DUST QUICK B4 I START!
—Guest Ros

I want, but Don't want to be pregnant

Have been experiencing preg symptoms for weeks now. Missed 2 periods and pos pregnancy test - Have a very demanding job - long hours, single mom 60% of time with fiance out of town for weeks to months. No help from family - had worst pregnancy first time sick from beginning to end, how do I cope now. Need to focus on work - cannot afford a day off - nobody to do my work for me. I would love for my 19 month old to have brother or sister, but how would I handle 2 kids, working full time under constant pressure, being alone most weeks and no help? I wish I knew the answer to that one!! worst of all, I am told my symptoms are all in my head - nausia, headaches, exausted, irritated, " if I pretend I feel beter, I might not have these syptoms" and that comes from a man, can you believe the cheeck!!
—Guest lee

pregnancy symptoms before missed period

I have been trying to have a baby and my period is due in a week. I have been having stomach cramps and back pain for the last one week. Is it possible that this is due to pregnancy or is it just regular PMS? I usually don't get back pain before my period.
—Guest sasha81

Sick or pregnant?

I have taken the are you pregnant quiz and it said that I'm 58% possibly pregnant. Lol but how accurate are those things? I read the list of symptoms and have almost all of them. Tender breasts, heartburn and nausea, sometimes vomiting, headaches, backaches, cramps, and I'm tired all the time. When I'm not sick to my stomach I'm hungry for weird things. I'm moody and indecisive... But I haven't missed a period. Am I sick or pregnant? I think it is still too early to test.
—Guest Myst

Mind can be a powerful thing.

My periods have always been irregular...sometimes 54 days apart and lasting only 24 hours. I keep getting all these pregnancy symptoms before it finally does come. I get cramping like a throughout the 54ish days... I get nausea, and occassionally vomit....My appetite gets a little ridiculous, and i just dont stop eating... Im always tired.... I get horrible migraines.... I also get these hot flashes, while everyone else is freezing, i am boiling. I know I may be having baby fever... but this is like my 4th time having it and I am only 19.
—Guest Bella

I understand!

I have a son and I recently realized i want another child. My boyfriend and I are planning our life together and letting life happen. I'm freaking out because I keep taking test and getting negatives. I have tender breast, nausea, cravings, tiredness, food aversions and everything. I know I'm stressed but how can I have the same symptoms for my first pregnancy? I guess I need a vacation!!!!!
—Guest so confused!!!!!
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