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Readers Respond: Frustrating Pregnancy Symptoms When Not Pregnant

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Updated March 17, 2015

I don't get it

Ok, I want a baby as bad as y'all. I'm not trying because I did that with my Ex & he never worked out. I get so upset & disappointed because I want to be a mom. My sisters, all of them have kids. My three older siblings have 5, 4 , & 3 kids a piece. My two younger siblings just had there second last year. I'm the only one of the girls that don't have a child. I want to be a mom. I'm ready. I really am. I prayed so hard. With my bf now. He thinks I'm pregnant because I''m getting sick. Im throwing up after I eat & all I want is pasta especially anything with pasta sauce. I had this craving last month, but my period came. I was upset. Everybody I know closely thinks its my thyroids, that's why I can't get pregnant. It really hurts my heart because ALL I want is a kid of my own. My bf is such a great dude, we would be great parents. I have all the symptoms in the book. Tender breasts, vomiting, aching pain in the ovaries area. I don't know, I'm CONFUSED!
—Guest TK

It happens

It happens to me and my wife a lot of time when we're TTC..Till one day we stop thinking about it and just go on with our life and that magic moment came :-)
—Guest mrfrenzy

Pregnancy Symptoms, But Don't Know

I have been throwing up, feeling dizzy, no period yet this month, and other pregnancy symptoms but don't know if I am.
—Guest Shawna

"-"... Heartbroken

I have been trying to have a baby for about a year and 4 months now. There have been times I thought I was pregnant and 3 days later I was on my period. Then one month, I gained 15 pounds in 2 weeks, my feet were swelling, and I was always tired. I went to the doctor to hear her say, "Well, I think your pregnant, but we will take a test anyways." But come to find out I'm not... And to see the look on my husband's face and her's in confusion... I am currently late about a week, and I tried to brush my teeth and just the smell of it maybe me throw up. And sickness really bad in the morning and lighter in the afternoon till night. I'm also having signs like tender breast, spots around my nipple and lots of other signs.. I think I'm pregnant this time but I really don't want to get my hopes up. "-" Heartbroken....
—Guest Pamela

too bad

We have been married for 8 years and we want a baby so bad!! About a year ago my menstruation was delayed for 1 1/2 months, I had been experiencing the symptoms of a pregnant women, food craving, nausea ... My husband bought a pregnancy test but we got disappointment when the result is negative... We want to have a baby so much..... Our relationship is on the rocks because of not having a baby for almost 9 years... too bad.....Hope next month I become pregnant...so we can be happy too like other partners...
—Guest guest me

Wow I feel the same

Me and my boyfriend are ttc. About the time my period was supposed to come.. I got very light bleeding that lasted two days.. that was late. Then the period stopped for a day, then i got really light pink spotting off and on for two days.. along with a late light period, I have dark rings around my nipples and dull cramping in my lower abdomen, I have had diarrhea too (sorry if tmi...) I've been really tired and moody as well... I took an HPT on Jan 10 (the day I was supposed to get my period), as well as today Jan 15th, and they both came back negative... I want this so bad!! I'm so confused!!
—Guest Kayla

Fustration causing stress

Never missed a period before till now. I'm bloated, I feel that sucking my stomach in will causes more cramps than I already have but no period. I've been so light-headed these days, tender breast. Took four home tests, all read negative. I'm so frustrated with feeling these pregnant symptoms when supposedly I'm not pregnant.
—Guest Simile

thank you

Thank you everyone. This is so hard. Pregnancy symptoms after several miscarriages - too hard to tell the difference but it is a huge difference. It feels crazy making. I would swear that i am I'm pregnant, only to go on to bleed. Not every month do I feel pregnant, but many - the breasts, the nausea, craving seats, so tired, rejection of all the various toxins about me especially cigarette smoke. Even EMFs are too much for my sensitive body, and I keep saying wow - this time must have really been a conception. Sometimes I guess it has been and then they miscarry out (four times), and other times I guess I am having these false symptoms. Pretty much leaves me crying, as I am so sensitive hormonally and mood wise. I am not in need of pregnancy or even tremendous want. I have four beautiful children and three are young adults now. But the symptoms and the sometimes conceptions pull on my soul, and I just keep getting lost in this very personal and pretty isolated. Thank you all. It helps.
—Guest angie

send me a baby!!!!

I understand what all of you are going through. The doctors told me in 2006 that I wasn't going to be able to have kids only through in vitro and I cried my whole life away. But this month, my period was extremely irregular. It was nothing but clotting so I was and still am very afraid, not knowing if I have miscarried. But my fiance & I have both been having vivid dreams as well, as far as fish! A whole aquarium full, lol & no 1 showing up to a baby shower. My fiance has been having dreams of me giving birth to a little boy, then the next day a little girl. I want to have a baby so bad and I have been having symptoms, as well my back has been hurting, my stomach always hurts, no vomiting. I smell everything and want to eat weird things like lemons, lol. I ate a whole lemon for lunch at work today? Baby or no baby? Ir am I just going crazy? I usually always get symptoms such as these but this time I feel like somethings inside of me. I don't buy tests because I think I know it will be negative, so why waste my money. =(
—Guest doctors said no baby


I have been trying to get pregnant for the past four months. Each month just before my period I have all the usual symptoms. However this month I got my period a couple of days late- but it was lighter than my normal period, however since then the symptoms have not gone away- in fact they have got even more noticeable. Is it possible I am pregnant even though I got my period???? My breast feel so heavy, I have bad backache, nausea and my period isn't due again for another three weeks!
—Guest Mandy


I have a ten year old and the last thing she wants is a sibling. I had all the symptoms of pregnancy and the test came up negative. I am a little sad.
—Guest jt


I've been nauseous, vomiting, dizzy, tired, moody, bloated, constantly spitting, and my boobs have been in pain for almost a month. Got my period last month, and it was lighter and painless, and this month it's looking like the same. I got like an 87% on the Are You Pregnant? quiz, but all my HPTs and the two I've taken @ the doctor were negative. It feels like there's a baby here, but I have no confirmation. Sickening!!
—Guest jane

Tired of Feeling this way

I was pregnant once before and now she is going to be four. The last two months my honey and I have been intitmate quite a few times. I have tender breasts, sensitivity to smells, tired all the time, and abdominal swelling. I had uteran cysts about 4 months ago... three of them and when we were intimate I used to wrench ove in pain because he would hit my cervix. Now Im not sure if I am pregnant or if my cysts are causing all this hormonal imbalance. I have taken serval tests over the last couple of months and all have been negative except one.
—Guest Jenn

Why It Is So Hard To Get Pregnant:(

My husband and I have been trying for 2 years to concieve a baby,but no luck! We get disappointed everytime the tests are negative! Sometimes I feel like giving up on having a baby due to the heartache of trying to have one. I will keep praying for a child or children.
—Guest guest steele

Possibly Pregnant

Well, I have never had a normal period and started b.c. when i was 15. I stopped when I was 17 because it kept making me sick. this year i have only had 1 real period in july. My boobs have recently grown a cupsize and i have gained weight. I am also tired ALL the time and my stomach looks like I am pregnant but I have taken tests every month for the past 4 months and they were all negative. I am 20 years old and trying to concieve. I am almost ready to give up completely until I see a baby and I want one more than ever. My life long dream is to be a mom but I am having trouble getting pregnant. So far I have been trying for almost 2 years.
—Guest CassieLynn
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