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Readers Respond: Frustrating Pregnancy Symptoms When Not Pregnant

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Updated March 17, 2015

but he has them too!

I never craved oreos and popcorn til a few weeks ago and he said he's been eating oreos like never b4. He's been sleepin like crazy. I am taking liquid chlorophyl also for cleansing and wonderin how many of my symptoms are from that. Eggs make me gag, excess sleeping, horny, peeing, heartburn. I also have uterine fibroids and tilted womb. Some drs say heavy clotty periods is a sign but could clots be pieces of fibroid? Had 2 inter abdominal pregnancies dissolved with chemical soup from nuclear medicine clinic. Symptoms can occur from someone close to u pregnant and over wanting to be preggers.
—Guest lil burdie

All the Symptoms, yet nothing

Ok, I have PCOS but I also have two children 5 and 2. For the past two months I have been getting all the symptoms of pregnancy. I did three tests so far and they all read negative. I feel as though I am losing my mind. I am not making this up. My husband and I are not planning on having another baby but we will welcome one all the same. I dont have a period so I really cant say that I have missed one. In Feburary I have a slight period like experience, then in March a light brownish red. Nothing after that, just the pain and discomfort that goes with early signs of pregnancy. Is there anyone out there who can offer some level of relief. Please!
—Guest confused


I had unprotected sex with my bf and we've been hoping we are not pregnant because I'm only 18 but I've been having a lot of symptoms like tender breasts, some cramping, a lot of lower back pain, even constipation, but one day before my period I started spotting and gradually increased to a heavy flow like a period but only lasted 2 days and then stopped abruptly. I'm really not sure if I got my period and all those symptoms were in my head or if I could be mistaking vaginal bleeding for my period. I'm just really confused right now :/
—Guest Lulu

cravings and crying

My period is due any day. I am having weird cravings, like yesterday I ate a honey wheat bagel, with butter, peanut butter, jelly and cut up boiled eggs from easter. This morning I ate something similar only it was scrambled eggs on it instead and turkey sausage patties on the side. It was a huge bagel! I ate it all and was so full afterward! Then while eating I sat and cried out loud like a baby while watching the news talk about the President considering releasing a photo of Osama. WTH? lol! Is this normal for before your period?
—Guest tmg2011

missed period!

I dnt know what to think! I got my period last month after I had sex but now I am not getting it I'm scared. Need advice or a reason why this is happening.
—Guest mariah

False signs over and over

my husband and i got married one year ago, we've been trying to get a baby for the last 4 months. i used to feel exhausted when i was suing birth control. i've not used anything for five months now but since we start trying to get a baby, i get all the signs and my hopes high only for the test to turn negative. i have been feeling nausea for the last several days, plus i feel that i want to vomit and i severally get heart burns. i have a constant head ache and fatigue na di've had crumps in the last several days. i've not had atest yet because i'm scared whenever i do that my periods start immediately. could i be pregnant, oh God how i pray it's true this time round.
—Guest phyl

Constant Symptoms :(

I'm only 19 and unmarried, NOT trying to get pregnant, but I've had constant symptoms since I was about 13. I have polycystic ovaries as well as simply strange hormonal patterns, and no doctors have even been of any help. I have every single one of the signs and am definitely not pregnant. I'm about to lose my mind here. There's a reason pregnancy only lasts 8-9 months!!
—Guest maryelisabeth08

My body says yes my mind says no

I have been having unprotected sex for about two months now and starting april 6th I have been having menstrual cramping, and fatigue and my Uterus is actually swollen. My doctor sent me for a pregnancy test and it came out negative. My body feels like it's pregnant but given the pregnancy tests I don't belive I am.....WTH is going on?
—Guest seneka

I have some symptoms but not all!

My partner and I have been ttc since Nov 2010, we are currently waiting a few days to take a test. I have many symptoms but I have no soreness in my breasts and I did not spot durning implantation if I am pregnant. My partner and I have had a rollercoaster ride thinking I'm pregnant to seeing negative results over and over. I have a strong internal feeling I am pregnant but don't know if I am just thinking I am because I want it so bad. I don't want to get my partners hopes up because if it's negative again I will just cry!
—Guest mama C

False hope again maybe

I've been TTC for a while now and recently I was put on provera (not the shot) a month ago ever since my period Ended me and my bf have had sex almost everyday accept 3 days out of this month I know I thought many times before I was preg. But I always got. (-) test back and my period I'm hoping since this is my new bf and he is heathy no drug history or Anthing I wil get a postice this moth btw the provera was only that one month in march!! I've been havin symptoms just scared to have my mind playing tricks and a false hope
—Guest TTC

Trying so hard

Me and my boyfriend have been trying for nine months now, Last year in august I was getting all of the symptoms of a pregnant woman, nausea, cravings, chest pain, tender breast, urinating alot, fatigue. I waited to weeks after we had sex && I took a test and it came out negative. we tried that next month my period was only 2days long, this has never happen to me before ever. "whats wrong with me?" Its like every time we try it never works and its making me feel like i cant get pregnant and making me want to completely give up. My boyfriend wants a baby so bad as much as I do. When i tell him im not pregnant he feels sad but he tells me maybe its not meant for us right now. Let god take care of it but the voice in the back of my mind just takes over. Its been 9months now. I want a baby so bad, i want to be a mother. :(
—Guest Cece

Negative test but still pregnant?

I am now 3 weeks late. I have taken 4 tests and all have been negative. I went to the doc. at 2 weeks as I'm always on time. I have never been more then a week early or late. I had a blood test that came back negative as well. But I have almost all the symptoms, cramping, fatigue, dishcharge, headaches, bloating, increased urination, vivid dreams, cravings. I've been doing a lot of searching online, and found several sites that say there are women who just don't produce detectable levels of hcg and the only way to detect pregnancy is through an ultrasound. So I am going to wait for another missed period and then head back to the doc for an ultrasound. I am really really frustrated though, and just want to know!!!
—Guest Amber

Young and hoping!!

I'm 20 years old, almost 21 and me and my boyfriend decided we want to have a baby and we've been tying for the past couple months, but no baby, i'm starting to wonder why, i'd love nothing more than to be a mother.
—Guest 123423

Paranoid or Not??

so i have been married for a year and 5 months and all i want now is to start a family. Im pretty young still but i feel a hole in my soul and i know a child would feel that hole. I have been having bad headaches when i never have before. i missed my period. bad heartburn.low blood pressure and its usually high. i have gotten sick once and it was in the morning. I have several symptoms but no baby. i have taken 3 tests and all negative. i dont know if im testing to early or not. i think im just paranoid. I want a family so bad though. i cant wait for that life changing moment it will be worth the wait i guess....
—Guest kayla

Want to be pregnant & thought I was

the last two weeks I've been getting morning and night time nausea, vomiting, extreme fatique, sensitivity to smells, and weird cravings, plus now my boyfriend says it looks like I'm getting more of a waist. And I'm getting fluttering in my belly. But sadly, two negative tests. And my period is almost a week late.
—Guest Mariah
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