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Living Life at 40 Something - Trying IVF to Conceive After 40

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By cedinoc

Updated August 18, 2010

Name of Your Blog/Website

Living Life at 40 Something

How Long Have You Been Blogging

1 month

Where Are You on Your Trying to Conceive Journey

Going through IVF

Why Did You Start Your Blog?

To see if anyone else shares my experiences to help me better cope with this process.

Tell Us More About Your Blog

My blog is about my visits to the doctor and my IVF journey. The end result is what I want but I am not sure I can handle the road to the end. I am battling trying to get off medication before I do IVF and have been unsuccessful so far. I am going to get acupuncture this week to see if they can help me get off my medication. I don't want to stress the entire 9 months if the IVF works about having a baby with birth defects. Because of this I am torn on what to do. Do I chance it and continue with IVF or do I throw in the towel and not do IVF because I take medication? Right now I am 50/50.


  • I am new to blogging so I don't know how to answer this.
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