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Conception 101 - Everything You Need to Know About Getting Pregnant


Maybe you’ve been trying to get pregnant for years, or, perhaps, you’ve just begun. You might have already gone through a battery of fertility tests, or maybe you’re still debating whether to see a doctor or not. Regardless of which description fits your situation best, you’re probably looking for the same thing -– how to get pregnant. Learn what you need to know about getting pregnant here, from how getting pregnant works, to how to time sex for ovulation.
  1. How to Get Pregnant Basics
  2. Predicting Ovulation
  3. Babymaking Sex
  4. The Two-Week Wait
  1. Pregnancy Testing and Early Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms
  2. Getting Pregnant After 35
  3. Fertility Basics
  4. Improve Your Fertility

How to Get Pregnant Basics

Adoption is a beautiful way to build a family.

If you think you're the only one struggling to get pregnant, you're wrong. Plenty of couples feel overwhelmed and lost when they decide to get pregnant. Whether you're a beginner or been trying for awhile, these guides on how to get pregnant will provide you the know-how you need.

Predicting Ovulation

The more you know about ovulation, the better able you’ll understand how to time sex for pregnancy and make the best use of fertility drug cycles. Also, problems with ovulation are the cause for infertility in about 30% of women. Learn everything you need to know about ovulation here.

Babymaking Sex

Unless you’re getting pregnant through IUI or IVF fertility treatments, you’ll need to have sex at the right time, in the right way, to get pregnant. How often should you have sex if you want to get pregnant? How can you know if it’s time for some bedroom baby dancing? Learn what you need to know.

The Two-Week Wait

Infertility commonly causes anxiety.

The two-week wait –- the time between ovulation and your expected period –- is a time of high anxiety for many couples. During the two-week wait, you begin to wonder if you might be pregnant, and that wondering can sometimes lead to imaginary pregnancy symptoms. Get the information you need here to help you get through the two-week wait with less anxiety.

Pregnancy Testing and Early Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms

Positive pregnancy test

Finally, the two week wait has come to an end, and you're ready to take a pregnancy test! Or perhaps it's not quite over yet, but you're thinking of taking an early test. When should you test for pregnancy? Can you use your body basal temperature chart to predict early pregnancy? What about your cervical mucus changes? And how about all those symptoms you're having? Learn what you need to know about predicting and testing for pregnancy here!

Getting Pregnant After 35

Age matters when you’re trying to get pregnant, and the media doesn’t always report the facts on age and fertility in a clear way. You might be surprised to learn that age isn’t just a factor for female fertility, but also male fertility. You may also have read about egg freezing, and wonder if it’s a practical way to preserve your fertility. Learn what you need to know about getting pregnant after age 35 here.

Fertility Basics

Positive pregnancy test

When you understand your body, you may feel more in control and make better choices about your reproductive health. Understanding the reproductive system will also help you understand fertility testing and treatments better. Get the basics on reproduction here.

Improve Your Fertility

Cup of coffee

You may be able to improve your chances of getting pregnant by making lifestyle changes. For example, cutting back on excess exercise or giving up smoking might give you an extra boost towards your trying to conceive goals. Learn more about lifestyle changes you can make that that may improve your fertility.

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