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12 Resolutions for Anyone Trying to Get Pregnant


Updated March 05, 2014

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Resolutions for Anyone Trying to Get Pregnant
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What will you do this year? And how will you make it different -- and better -- than last year?

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Whether you’re just starting to try to get pregnant or dealing with infertility, these 12 resolutions will guide you to get the help you need, cope better, become a more empowered patient, and improve your health while boosting fertility. Each resolution explains why it’s good for those trying to conceive and offers several possible take-action tips.

But I don’t expect (or recommend!) that you make all 12 resolutions today! Resolutions made at the start of the year tend to fizzle out as time passes, and trying to change many things at once is overwhelming.

Instead, consider picking just one resolution per month. (And resolve on New Year’s to consider each month fresh!) From the take action tips provided with each resolution, you may decide to tackle just one or try a few.

The list I’ve put together can be gone through in order but it’s certainly not necessary. You may also decide to mix and match with your own resolution ideas.

In the About Fertility newsletter, I’ll include a short reminder at the end of each month to choose and begin a new resolution, so if you’re not signed up yet, please do sign up (for free)!

Here are 12 resolutions for you to consider:

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