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Updated February 25, 2014


Gonadotropins are fertility drugs, typically administered by self injection, which contain the hormones LH, FSH, or a combination of both. Gonadotropins are often used during assisted reproductive technology treatments, like IVF, but also can be used during IUI treatment, or even in fertility cycles where conception takes place at home, the old fashioned way.

Compared to oral fertility drugs, gonadotropin use comes with an increased risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome and multiple pregnancies. Gonadotropins are usually the next step, if Clomid or other oral fertility drugs are not successful.

A related fertility drug, hCG is a fertility drug that is similar to the hormone LH. It's often used to replace or boost the natural surge of the hormone LH, which comes just before ovulation. (hCG treatment is sometimes referred to as the "Trigger shot".)

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