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Is My Period Normal?

Take This Quiz to Find Out if Your Period Is Normal or Irregular


Updated June 20, 2014

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Many women, whether they have fertility issues or not, wonder if their periods are normal. We don't speak much about our periods, so we can't compare our experiences with others. Menstruation has been a quiet, personal topic, even taboo to speak about, for a long time.

While people are speaking more about some aspects of menstruation - especially on topics like eco-friendly options for pads or tampons -- it's still unusual to talk about the actual bleeding, length of days or PMS symptoms beyond general irritability.

The information we received during health class in high school may not have addressed our questions. And at that age, who has the courage to ask or even the courage to pay attention closely? (As I recall, if you weren't giggling in the back, you weren't one of the cool kids.)

If you're concerned about whether your periods are normal or not, take this quick quiz. The quiz cannot diagnose a problem. As an educational tool, it will help you think more about your menstrual cycles and menstruation.

Take the Is My Period Normal? Quiz now.

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