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Cervical Mucus Ovulation - Fertile and Egg White Cervical Mucus

Cervical mucus tracking is one of the most accurate methods for timing sex for pregnancy and detecting ovulation. How do you check cervical mucus? What do people mean when they say "egg white" cervical mucus? Which cervical mucus is most fertile? What if you don't seen to have any ovulation mucus? Can cervical mucus detect early pregnancy? Get the answers to all your questions on cervical mucus and getting pregnant here!

Frequently Asked Questions On Cervical Mucus
Cervical mucus is one of many ways to track ovulation and time sex for pregnancy. Learn everything you need to know about cervical mucus, from how to track it, to what's normal and what's not, here.

Ovulation and Cervical Mucus
To get pregnant, timing intercourse before ovulation is important. But how can you know when you're ovulating? Learn how to check and track your cervical mucus changes, so you can better predict ovulation.

What Is Egg White Cervical Mucus (EWCM)?
Egg white cervical mucus, abbreviated by EWCM on fertility charts and in fertility forums, is a phrase used to describe the most fertile kind of cervical mucus. What is egg white cervical mucus? Why is it important? And what if you don't have any, or have too much? Find out in this article on egg white cervical mucus.

Charting Cervical Mucus for Pregnancy
Throughout your menstrual cycle, your cervical mucus will change in its amount, appearance, and consistency. Tracking these changes can help you time sex for pregnancy, and may help you pinpoint ovulation. Learn more about charting your cervical mucus changes here.

Why Dont I Have Any Cervical Mucus?
A reader asks, Ive been trying to check for egg white cervical mucus so I can time sex for pregnancy, but I never find any. My cervical mucus always seems to be sticky or just slightly watery. Why is that? Can this prevent me from becoming pregnant?

Can You Tell If You're Pregnant By Checking Cervical Mucus?
Can you tell if you're pregnant by checking your cervical mucus? Find out if cervical mucus changes are a reliable early pregnancy sign here!

Why Do I Seem to Have Fertile Cervical Mucus Throughout Most …
Can you have too much cervical mucus? What if instead of only seeing cervical mucus before ovulation, you seem to have several patches throughout the month? Learn more about what it might mean if you seem to have "too much" cervical mucus here.

Why Don’t I Get a Temperature Rise After Seeing Fertile Cer…
A reader asks, "I get days of fertile cervical mucus, but I don’t get a sustained rise in temperature on my body basal temperature chart. Instead, my temperature seems to be all over the place. Does this mean I’m not really ovulating?" Get the answer to this question on cervical mucus and BBT charting here!

Can You Accidentally Remove Your Cervical Mucus?
A reader writes, "I was checking for cervical mucus internally, and a really large amount came out! When I checked again, not as much was there. Could I have accidentally removed all the cervical mucus? Will this prevent me from getting pregnant?" Get the answer to this question here!

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