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Increase Your Fertility by Breaking These 8 Bad Habits


Updated June 23, 2014

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Bad Habit to Break to Increase Fertility: Drinking Too Much Alcohol
Cut down on excessive drinking to increase fertility.

Cut down on excessive drinking to increase fertility.

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The Bad Habit to Break to Increase Fertility:

Downing too many alcoholic drinks.

Why It's Bad for Your Fertility Health:

While the occasional drink probably won't harm your fertility, serious drinking can. One research study that evaluated semen from alcoholic men found that only 12% had normal, healthy sperm. (In non-drinkers and non-smokers, 37% had normal healthy sperm.)

In another study, women who had three or more drinks a week were more likely to take longer to get pregnant. This was especially true if the woman already was having trouble conceiving.

That said, some studies have not found a connection between the occasional drinking and infertility.

What to Do About It:

If you're used to having a beer or a glass of wine every night with dinner, maybe you can consider reducing that to once or twice a week. Your waistline will also thank you, since alcoholic beverages can be calorie heavy.

Of course, if you're drinking more often than you'd like, or if drinking has become a problem, you should seek help. Women who drink during pregnancy risk their baby's health, and so it's especially important to deal with a drinking problem before trying to conceive.

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