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Mind Body Medicine Therapies for Fertility


Updated August 31, 2012

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Fertility and Mind-Body Medicine
Taking time for your mind is good for your body and health.

Taking time for your mind is good for your body and health.

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Mind-body medicine refers to the connection between our mental health and our body's health. We know that stress can cause a variety of ailments, both physical and emotional. We also know that chronic illnesses, like infertility, lead to tremendous stress, which then may lead to depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses.

Mind-body medicine offers you a way to cope better with the stress of infertility and fertility treatments. While much more research needs to be done, some research studies have reported improved pregnancy rates for couples involved in mind-body programs. Even in the studies where pregnancy rates were not looked at, the participant's emotional well-being was improved.

Some people believe that the mind can have a profound effect on the body and our health, going as far to say that the mind can heal the body. You do not need to believe in this aspect of mind-body medicine to benefit from it. Most mind-body practitioners see mind-body medicine as a way to lower stress and improve quality of life, and not as a way to actually "cure" a disease or illness alone.

Mind-body medicine may also be called body-mind-spirit medicine, mind-body-spirit medicine, integrative medicine, or holistic care. Some consider mind-body medicine a form of alternative medicine, though it's commonly used alongside conventional treatments.

Types of Mind-Body Therapies for Fertility

There are many different mind-body therapies, some more popular than others. Here are descriptions of various mind-body therapies, along with a brief explanation of how they may be used for fertility.

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