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Due Date Calculator

Find Your Pregnancy Due Date With This Calculator

Use this due date calculator to find out when to expect your baby. Whether you're already pregnant (congratulations!), or you're just playing 'guess when I'll have a baby if I get pregnant', you can use this calculator to get an expected due date.

Note: The calculator asks you for your luteal phase length. This is the time between ovulation and your period. If you chart your cycles, you probably know how long it is. If you don't, you probably don't. Just leave it blank if you're not sure what your luteal phase length is.

Wondering how to use this calculator for an IVF or IUI cycle? Scroll down below for instructions.

Last Menstrual Period:        
                              (MM/DD/YYYY format)

Average Length of Cycles:      (22 to 45)
                              (defaults to 28)

Average Luteal Phase Length:   (9 to 16)
                              (defaults to 14)

Estimated Conception:         
Estimated Due Date:           
Estimated Fetal Age:          
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If you want to use this calculator to find out your IVF due date, you can enter for your last menstrual cycle the date 14 days prior to your egg retrieval. For IUI, you would enter the date 14 days prior your scheduled IUI. Enter your menstrual cycle length as 28 days and your luteal phase length as 14 days for this calculation.

For example, if your egg retrieval was on January 15th, you should enter January 1st as your last menstrual cycle.

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