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Can You Get Pregnant With Irregular Periods? Is Your Period Irregular?


Updated June 23, 2014

When will you ovulate next?

Irregular periods are a symptom of possible infertility. But do irregular periods mean you will definitely have trouble getting pregnant?

Not necessarily.

While it may make getting pregnant trickier, having an irregular period doesn't always lead to infertility. Whether or not you'll have trouble getting pregnant depends on just how irregular your periods are, what the cause of the irregular periods are, and whether you can time sex for pregnancy well.

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How regular your periods are is just one aspect of your menstrual health.

There are other factors -- like how long your periods are, how heavy your bleeding is, or how bad your cramps are -- that also should be taken into consideration. There are also symptoms of infertility besides irregular periods. Check out these two quizzes to learn more:

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