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Rachel Gurevich

Should Men Also Take Folic Acid Supplements?

By September 30, 2013

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As you already know, women are encouraged to take folic acid supplements while trying to get pregnant, primarily to protect against birth defects. But should men also take folic acid?Bowl of fortified cereal.

Some studies say yes... at the very least, they say you should seriously consider it. Folic acid plays a vital role in DNA creation, and some studies have found that folate levels in semen correlate to healthier sperm. And some studies have found increased sperm counts after taking folic acid supplements.

Folic acid may even play a role in female fertility, beyond the prevention of birth defects. (Not to downplay the importance of preventing birth defects, of course!) Folic acid supplementation may possibly be connected to having more regular cycles.

Learn lots more about folic acid, including what foods contain folate and whether men and women should supplement, here:

Do you take a daily folic acid supplement? What about your partner? Feel free to share in the comments!

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