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Are you a pregnancy test addict? Donít be embarrassed to say yes. Many of those trying to get pregnant over a long period of time grow addicted to taking pregnancy tests. Itís not so much of a problem if you only take a pregnancy test once your period is late, but for most pregnancy test addicts, testing begins up to four days before they expect their period.

Repeated negative tests donít seem to sway anyone from doing it again next month. After all, you werenít pregnant that time. Maybe this time you will be pregnant, and youíll know three days early. Right?

Well, itís not that simple. Even if you are pregnant, the chances of getting an early positive result are pretty slim.

I used to be a pregnancy test addict. I got pregnancy tests from the dollar store, so I didnít feel like I was throwing money away. But month after month of negative results, I finally realized that taking the test earlier wasnít helping. It was driving me crazy. Because if I got a negative result the day before my period was due, it didnít mean a thing. I could be pregnant. Or I might not be pregnant.

Plus, the worst thing was that Iíd get so hopeful, and then, when the second pink line wouldnít show up, my heart would just ache from disappointment.

I think I can say Iím a recovered pregnancy test addict now. I try not to keep pregnancy tests in the house, to avoid relapse. If my period is ever actually late, I can go and buy a test.

How about you? Are you addicted to peeing on a stick? Take the poll, and feel free to share your thoughts in the forums or below in the comments.

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