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Readers Respond: Improving Your Sex Life When Trying to Get Pregnant

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Updated June 15, 2014

Trying to get pregnant can really dampen your sexual enjoyment. Sex may soon start to feel like a chore, and become a source of stress.

While infertility and sexual difficulties are common, that doesn't mean we should sit back and just ignore the problem. We can take action to try and improve our sex lives, even in the midst of trying to get pregnant.

What things have you done to improve your sex life while trying to get pregnant? How have you kept things exciting and enjoyable? Share your advice and experiences here!

More hugs, less sex

It sounds weird, but we started spending a lot more time cuddling and hugging, instead of just having sex all the time. It helped. Also, I stopped telling my husband when I was ovulated. I was excited about my BBT chart, but he wasn't so into it. Not telling him WHY I was trying to seduce him helped a LOT!
—Guest Anna
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