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Readers Respond: Ovulation Chart Tips and Tricks

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Updated June 15, 2014

Keeping an ovulation chart, whether you track your body basal temperature, cervical mucus, or cervix, may sound like a technical method to get pregnant. But for many, charting can become a hobby. (Seriously!)

In fact, there are many women in the trying to conceive community who enjoy "chart stalking" - that's when you check out other online friend's BBT charts, in order to cheer them on or help analyze what the numbers, mucus, and cervical positions mean.

Of course, there are those who hate keeping an ovulation chart, but do so anyway.

If you chart, what advice can you share for other charters and chart stalkers?

Don't drive yourself nutty

Charting is a good way to track ovulation, but please, don't do what I did - don't go crazy over every little fluctuation! I would go nuts thinking a little rise here or a deeper dip there meant something, only to find it rarely was something "interesting" at the end of the month. If you can chart and not go nuts, all the better for your mental health!
—Guest Anna

Charting Newbie

I just started charting and already I'm find it very interesting. The sharp increase in temp definitely coincided with the results from my ovulation tests and my observation of my cervical mucus. Karen www.yourcervicalmucus.com
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