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Readers Respond: How Much Did You Pay for IVF?

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Updated June 15, 2014

From the article: How Much Does IVF Cost?

Since insurance rarely covers IVF treatment completely, considering IVF cost is important in planning how to build your family. The average cost of IVF is $12,000 to $15,000 per cycle, but that price can be higher depending on your particular fertility problems, age, and treatment goals. It’s rarely lower than $10,000. (Read this article for details on IVF cost.)

How much did you personally pay for IVF? What services were included in the price? (If you decided not to go through with IVF, but did get quotes, you can share how much you were told you would have to pay.)

Please do not mention specific clinic names.

How much we paid for IVF

We paid total of $19,800 for 2 IVF cycle package, and in that amount $2,300 was for medications. If we failed the first time, we didn't have to pay for the second time but need to pay for medications again. Our insurance didn't cover anything.
—Guest harp001

Donor Egg + IVF cost

Donor egg cycle plus first IVF recipient cycle was just a shade under $40000 (including donor meds & monitoring, my meds, and lab tests). 13 weeks pregnant now, plus frozen embryos for later sibs if we choose.
—Guest ch17


My clinic has this plan; you can buy 1 treament for $7,500 or 3 treaments for $15,000 (paid upfront). The meds are not included and it's another $400 for the admin fee. In Canada our province health plan covers our ultrasound, blood work,... My meds were covered by my private insurance, therefore my total cost for IVF is $7,900 for one treament or $15,400 for up to 3 treaments
—Guest FranKy

IVF with PGD

My insurance paid 50% and I ended up paying 12K including the medicines and PGD
—Guest Nena


National Health Care paid for our treatment in Sweden... So I hope you guys in the USA lobby for the same health care provision as we have in Europe.
—Guest inSweden


We paid just shy of 11K for IVF, plus about 5K for drugs (although I was also fortunate to have about 2K worth of drugs donated to me by some friends on an infertility forum I frequent.) The charge for IVF was inclusive of ICSI, assisted hatching if needed, cryopreservation for 3 years, and all bloodwork and ultrasounds until a positive pregnancy test. Fortunately #1 worked for us.
—Guest Stacy

how muchdid u pay for ivf

Our doctor gave us a hardship discount, and we ended up paying 5000 for him, plus the cost of meds... total about 7500. Our doctor is very reputable and has a high rate of success.
—Guest dil910

how much we paid for ivf

We paid 11,900 for IVF, but that did not include another 1,000 for medication, 5,000 of medication we were given for free because we were accepted into a special program, fertility lifelines, for people with no insurance. We also paid another 4,000 for blood work. All together we spent roughly 17,000 dollars. But it was well worth it. We are now 11 weeks pregnant.
—Guest jennifer paquin


We did basic IVF, and we paid the average, about $12,000. We didn't have many extras, no ICSI or anything like that. We did two rounds, and then we got pregnant!
—Guest Anne
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