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Readers Respond: Semen Analysis Test Experiences and Coping Tips

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Updated June 15, 2014

If a couple is experiencing infertility, semen analysis is an essential fertility test, and should be one of the very first exams ordered.

As far as fertility tests go, semen analysis is a simple test and physically non-invasive. Emotionally, however, it can be difficult to cope with.

What has your experience been with semen analysis? How have you coped? Share your story and advice for others below.

Providing semen for IUI not easy

We've done 3 IUI's, requiring semen specimens, and each time my husband's been a little bashful, hiding his plastic cup in his sweater (with the pretense of needing to keep it warm, he he). I've been poked, prodded, had various things drawn out and put in, but nothing comes close to being called into a room in front of a waiting room of people, to produce a specimen; and they all know what you're going to do.

Took many tries, did it at home

I'm embarrassed to admit I could not produce in the clinic. I tried, but it just wasn't happening. I asked to do it at home, and that was better. It wasn't fun rushing there afterwords, but at least it got done. (And the test results turned out to be normal.)
—Guest Dan
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