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Pregnancy Success at 43 After Miscarriages

Share Your Story: Pregnancy Success After Infertility

By Noel

Updated May 10, 2011

Share Briefly Your Trying to Conceive Experience

I got pregnant with my first little boy on the first try at age 40. I have always been very fertile, if you know what I mean. When Eli was 9 months old, we started trying for another one, my age was scaring me a bit. I had read so much about how fertility declines rapidly in your 40's. Two months later, boom I was pregnant. Then I miscarried at 8 weeks. Had a D and C and was pregnant again a month later, boom. Miscarried again at 7 weeks. Oh boy, this was going to be difficult I thought. Then we continued to try religiously for a full year. I took my temp. Every morning, drank wheatgrass juice, exercised,........

Explain in Detail Your Pregnancy Success Cycle

After a year of trying unsuccessfully, I had my AMH and FSH tested. AMH .016. FSH 14.7. Both numbers told me I was in perimenopause. I gave up trying, I was almost 43 years old and thought, I'm OK with just one baby, it's fine. Then I read an article about DHEA. I won't go into it, But GOOGLE IT!! I decided to take it for one month "just to see". It made me very angry, greasy hair and skin, and I felt like a teen again. After a month, I threw the rest away. I didn't like myself on DHEA. My husband had his 40 TH birthday, so we celebrated in Hawaii. I ran everyday, ate sashimi, rice and veggies for 10 days straight, and was very relaxed.

We came home and I had lost weight and just felt incredible. Two weeks later......boom! Pregnant! I am currently 11 weeks and have had horrible nausea, huge boobs and am in a perpetual state of bliss:)


  • Use the Internet! Research as much as you can. Get informed, don't just rely on what the doctor tells you, they really don't have all the answers. My doctor refers women to me now because I have been so diligent in my research and I had success! If your lab tests tell you you should be in menopause, or that your eggs are bad, try DHEA and research all you can about it, it does work for some women!!

How Far Along Are You In Your Pregnancy?

11 weeks

Rachel Gurevich, About.com Fertility, says:

Be sure to always speak to your doctor before trying any alternative treatment. Also, if you're going through treatments, let your doctor know if you're taking supplements or herbs, as they can react with each other.

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