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Pregnancy Success After Volleyball Size Fibriod Removed

Share Your Story: Pregnancy Success After Infertility

By Maria

Updated September 20, 2011

Share Briefly Your Trying to Conceive Experience

14 years of waiting, trying, fighting (even the doctors). But... totally worth it!

Explain in Detail Your Pregnancy Success Cycle

I'm 37.

All of my life, I dreamed of only one thing: having my own family. Coming from a broken home, all I wanted was to achieve a stable home and family. But... When I got married, at 23, we found out that my husband was infertile. We decided to go for adoption, but things went wrong and we got divorced. Then, I developed a myoma (actually, a cluster of them) which, at 33, landed me on the surgery table for a hysterectomy. None of the doctors gave me any hope, saying that the tumor was too big, it was embedded in the uterine wall, it was the size of a volleyball (terribly ironical: I had the appearance of a 6 month pregnant woman); even if they could get it out, the scars would never allow me to get pregnant. However, when I met the surgeon, I pleaded my case and begged him to spare my uterus. He was an old man in his 70s (he retired two weeks after my surgery), gruff speaking and blunt. He said it would be very difficult, and the most probable thing was to go in and take everything out. But he listened. Thank God, he listened. After a 5 hour surgery, I came out whole. But then the waiting period could never be less than 1 year, or the scars could rip. At the hospital, I started a relationship that goes on and on... A friend became a lover... And then, nothing, month after despairing month. Until... Last Saturday, I tested positive. I was only 2 days late, but I couldn't have a doubt; my hormonal surge was such that I was even lactating!!! In the afternoon, I went to the Hospital where (coincidentally) the same doctor that said that I would never be a mother confirmed my blood work. There is no doubt. I'M PREGNANT!


  • I stopped trying. I stopped medication, I told my family that it was enough, that I was thinking of going in to get another surgery (the tumors are back, only way much smaller) and then remove my uterus, so I wouldn't be in this constant suffering.
  • We didn't have any holidays, this summer, but we did take one weekend off, just for the two of us. We didn't try (ovulation would only be later that week), we just relaxed and enjoyed it. And... we're going to be parents!
  • Easier said than done, but... Can you do it? Forget the trying? Just make love?

How Far Along Are You In Your Pregnancy?

I'm in my 5th week.

The first ultrasound (last Saturday) showed nothing but a gestational sac. The next will be at 6 weeks. But every day strengthens the miracle.

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