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After Four Years of TTC, an Ectopic Pregnany, Finally Conceived During a "Break"

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By Robin

Updated September 06, 2010

After Four Years of TTC, an Ectopic Pregnany, Finally Conceived During a "Break"

Our son at 2 months.

Share Briefly Your Trying to Conceive Experience

We'd been trying to conceive for nearly four years when we finally got pregnant with our son. I did have one pregnancy in there that wound up being an ectopic pregnancy that required methotrexate to treat. We never found a diagnosis. We tried charting, IUI, and meds.

Explain in Detail Your Pregnancy Success Cycle

Coming off another failed round of Clomid/IUI, we decided to sit it out. I didn't even really chart or do any of the things I'd been trying to do before. My husband and I agreed we needed a break. Our plan was to take 2-3 cycles off and talk about doing another HSG in the early part of the year, after New Year's. We were doing pretty well and settling into a quiet cycle. It did feel good to have a break.

At some point in the second cycle off, we BD'd [baby danced]. For some reason the next a.m. I found a dollar store lh test kit and took it on a whim. It showed I was ovulating. I felt a small thrill but said nothing to DH. I mean we'd had good timing before and nothing came of it. But it just felt good for some reason, not in an "Oh, I'm going to get pregnant way..." just good.

So we were out with some friends a few weeks later and all of a sudden, I just knew I was pregnant. It was a burning thought. I excused myself and ran in to the drug store to get a drink (supposedly). I bought a drink and a pregnancy test, taking it in the bathroom. It was positive!

I couldn't wait to get back to the car and show it to my husband, but opted to wait until we were alone at home. It was a long movie and evening. He was thrilled. That lasted about 1 day until our nervousness set in.


  • Sometimes a break is good, even if you don't get pregnant.
  • Trust yourself and that inner voice.

How Far Along Are You In Your Pregnancy?

My son was born a couple of years ago.

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