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Reader Stories: Pregnancy Success After Infertility


Updated December 29, 2013

Achieving pregnancy success is a life changing experience for all women and couples, but achieving success after infertility has an even greater impact on a person. You have a perspective that is completely different from those who got pregnant with ease. Plus, your success story provides hope for those still trying. Read these stories from fellow infertility survivors, and be sure to share your pregnancy success story.

Pregnant After Two Years of Trying, Conceived Naturally

We had stopped being so worried about things, and I think that was the key to conceiving for us. I was waiting on my appointment at the fertility clinic when we found out we were pregnant. I was shoc…More

Pregnancy Success After Volleyball Size Fibriod Removed

I'm 37.All of my life, I dreamed of only one thing: having my own family. Coming from a broken home, all I wanted was to achieve a stable home and family. But... When I got married, at 23, we found o…More

Pregnancy Success After IVF - First Scared, Later OK With Procedures

It starts with stimulating injections...some I had to administer myself...was scary at first...but it was pretty ok later...(like insulin needles)..then regular sono...the wait...was killing! But fin…More

Pregnancy Success Story - Pregnant on First IVF Cycle

I went to Michigan Fertility and women's health of Michigan in the city of Warren. The staff was friendly and resourceful. I am so pleased with our decision to move forward with the IVF process. We a…More

Pregnancy Success at 43 After Miscarriages

After a year of trying unsuccessfully, I had my AMH and FSH tested. AMH .016. FSH 14.7. Both numbers told me I was in perimenopause. I gave up trying, I was almost 43 years old and thought, I'm OK wi…More

After Three Years, an Ectopic, and IVF - Finally, Success

Having no option, we started the IVF cycle in July with all the uncertainties and the low success rates known for women in their mid 30's. Started with two weeks with buserelin injections and an add…More

After Four Years of TTC, an Ectopic Pregnany, Finally Conceived During a "Break"

Coming off another failed round of Clomid/IUI, we decided to sit it out. I didn't even really chart or do any of the things I'd been trying to do before. My husband and I agreed we needed a break. Ou…More

PCOS and Fibroids, Success with IUI Treatment - Now Pregnant Again Naturally!

My first IUI was successful. I was taking 1000 mg of metformin, 150 mg clomid days 5-9, and had a HCG trigger shot. I had the trigger shot the evening before the IUI in the morning. We found out Dec.…More

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