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Share Your Story: Reader Stories of Egg Donation IVF

By Sue

Updated January 23, 2011

How Much Did You Pay for the Donor Cycle? (Optional)


Briefly Explain Why You Decided to Use an Egg Donor

I was 44 years old and had been trying for 3 years. We have a daughter who is now six, and I wanted another child. We had gotten pregnant 3 times on our own and once with IVF. All miscarried. My physician told us that if money was no object, we should keep on going with my eggs. I had great FSH numbers, and they were retrieving up to 12 eggs per cycle (we did 2 cycles) at the age of 43. But money was an object and I could not keep on going through the disappointment. So we decided to go the donor route.

Explain in Detail Your Experience with Egg Donor IVF

My son is now 6 months, and we are so overjoyed with him. I would not change anything in the world. He looks exactly like his sister -- you would never know they had different genetic mothers. To be honest, I did worry during my pregnancy that I would feel different towards my son who is a donor versus my daughter who is not. I actually was very upset the night before my c-section, worried sick how I was going to react to him. Now, I can't believe I felt that way. I love him to pieces. No different than my daughter.

Also, the way I look at it -- he is 100% mine -- he was made from me because he grew in me -- I just needed a little help.

We used an anonymous egg donor, which I would recommend. We picked the donor based on appearance and personality.


  • If you really want a child, and this is an option. Go for it!
  • Words of wisdom -- be discreet about it. Don't tell everyone -- it's no one's business, but your own.
  • I do worry how I'm going to talk about it with him. They tell you to start the conversation early -- when they are young. While I agree with that, I still worry about what he'll think about it when he is older.
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