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Reader Submissions: Share Your Fertility, Trying to Conceive, or Life after Infertility Blog


Updated December 29, 2013

Writing and reading fertility blogs can be a way to connect with others and cope with your unique experience. Some use their blog to advocate for others, while most tell their trying to conceive stories, month by month, as they try for a child. Blogs that talk about pregnancy, adoption, or parenting after infertility present another side, one that is different than the mommy bloggers who got there easily. And of course, there are the bloggers who write about a child-free life after infertility. Dive into the blogs below, and if you have a life after infertility or trying to conceive blog, please share it with us.

My Journey As a New Dad - Conceived After Trying for 9 Months

I started to blog just to share with other people on my journey of fatherhood, and at the same time share my tips and reviews on conceiving. This blog also serves as a platform for me to share it wit…More

Are You Sure You're Doing It Right? - Brand New Blog, TTC for Two Years

Just writing about my journey through the land of infertility. Only having written a couple of posts so far (though plan to continue writing often), I want to share my honest and true feelings about …More

Constant Pain & Wishing I Was A Mommy - Just Beginning the Infertility Journey

I write about what I am feeling, what I am finding while researching, and I am hoping to post about my treatment once its started and hopefully someday share my journey to becoming a mother! I also h…More

Scrambled Eggs: An Infertility Scrapbook - TTC for Two Years, Considering Clomid

I don't get deeply personal, because I want the blog to be about the entire infertile community, not just me. That being said, it's impossible to talk about infertility without getting pretty persona…More

Barren Oven - TTC for 10 Months

My blog doesn't feel particularly unique. My goal is to get my story out there. Sometimes it's funny and sometimes it's sad, but it's always true to how I'm feeling while we're trying to conceive....…More

Tree Climber's Hope - TTC for a Year and a Half, Taking Clomid, Waiting for IUI

I hope to not use the 'Dear Diary' format. I'd like this to be a creative outlet to help fulfill a part of what's missing in my life.The first entry is a bit long and explains our medical adventures …More

The Princess and the Pee Stick- Starting IVF with Donor Eggs

My blog is unique in that my blog is written from the perspective of an author writing a fairy tale of Princess Wahna Bea Mama's quest for the ever elusive positive pregnancy test. I try to keep the …More

Living With Kallmann's Syndrome - TTC with Kallmann's Syndrome

I write about dosages, side effects, physical, mental and emotional stress. I want people to really understand what it's like. My blog is unique because I am going through the step by step process wi…More

Fallingpregnant - Second Cycle TTC

I needed to talk & let out all this stuff in my head, not only the journey to fall pregnant but all the other day to day problems & joys, basically just my journal.I share my treatment, my research a…More

The Chronicles of Infertility - Miscarriage, Going Through Testing, Acupuncture

I wrote my first post to reveal how my children's book came about. Many family and friends had no idea that we were suffering in silence and so I wanted to share my story. I am going to continue this…More

My Journey into Motherhood! - In the Early Stages of Treatment

It is in the early stages but I love to talk and have a lot to say on the subject of infertility! No questions are off limits. I give an honest overview of my thoughts and experiences. I will talk ab…More

Seeming Normal - TTC with Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

I have battled with bulimia over the years and was recently diagnosed with hypothalamic amenorrhea. I am in therapy and also seeing a reproductive endocrinologist. I just finished up my first cycle w…More

Using EFT to Cope With Infertility

What's unique about my blog is that I try to look for ways to survive and also use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to help take the emotional charge off the problem.I'm also writing from Sunny Sou…More

IVF Success Stories - Overcoming Infertility

I write about anything that has to do with infertility; the process, the heartache, the cost, the emotions, etc. My personal experiences usually give me the ideas for topics. I also feature other cou…More

Unscripted Journey - TTC for Two Years, Male Factor IF

I write about my infertility of course but also about my everyday life as well. My blog gets pretty personal, I tell it like it is and my posts mirror how I am feeling at that time whether it be happ…More

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