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Rahsia Mudah Hamil - Fertility Blog for Malaysians

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By hmjebat

Updated May 13, 2010

Name of Your Blog/Website

Rahsia Mudah Hamil

Blog or Website URL


How Long Have You Been Blogging

14 months

Where Are You on Your Trying to Conceive Journey

No, previously yes.

Why Did You Start Your Blog?

To share information with others.

Tell Us More About Your Blog

Actually, this blog is in Malay language. This is the first ever fertility blog in Malaysia but unfortunately, it is in Malay Language.

After I started blogging, I discovered that mostly, Malaysians who suffered infertility lack information about basic fertility knowledge. I often receive questions from visitors asking how to track fertile periods using Calendar Methods. (The very basic knowledge of gertility).

I've also conducted a poll regarding BBT methods. The result show that only 20% of visitors have heard about BBT method before. About 80 first heard the terms 'BBT Method' from our blog.


  • Be sincere.
  • Share your feelings with others.
  • Always be aware of latest information.
  • Good relation with other bloggers.
  • Must have the 'passion of blogging'. Without this passion, you won't get far.
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