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My Journey to Conceive - TTC for Seven Years With PCOS

Submit an Entry: Share Your Fertility, Trying to Conceive, or Life after Infertility Blog

By Brittany

Updated January 07, 2011

My Journey to Conceive - TTC for Seven Years With PCOS

Trying to conceive for 7 years

Name of Your Blog/Website

My Journey to Conceive

How Long Have You Been Blogging

I just started blogging and wish to help others with my journey, as well as myself.

Where Are You on Your Trying to Conceive Journey

I had been diagnosed with PCOS about a year ago and have been to a infertility specialist and had to stop due to insurance. Now we are able to to start back. And I am going to back to the doctor this month.

Why Did You Start Your Blog?

I want to share my journey with others that are experiencing the same thing, as well as help myself to release some of the feeling and anxiety of being infertile.

Tell Us More About Your Blog

My name is Brittany and I am a 28 year old first time blogger. I have created a blog that documents my journey through infertility. It is mainly regarding my infertility, as well as some ramblings on everyday life. I have been diagnosed with PCOS and have created this blog to release and hopefully help other people, as well as get feedback and support. Thanks in advance!



  • I am not claiming to know everything about infertility, I just want to help others as well as myself by sharing my journey.
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