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Reader Stories: Share Your Infertility or Trying to Conceive Story


Updated December 29, 2013

Sharing your infertility story can help you process your experiences and cope with this difficult disease. You are not alone, and when you tell your story, not only does it help you, it also helps others who will read and relate. Come read and share infertility stories here.

Diagnosis: Advanaged Maternal Age, Healthy Lifestyle but Still No Pregnancy

At the ripe old age of 38, I had no idea I was considered too old although, I heard 35 was considered advanced maternal age. I know so many women growing up that had no problem becoming pregnant well…More

TTC after Tubal Reversal, Two Children age 19 and 16, Wishing for More.

I have been seeing my OB since the second month after my Tubal Reversal surgery 3/6/2010. He started me on Clomid about 2 months later. I had a test done showing that I do ovulate on my own, he just …More

Ten Pregnancies, Eight Miscarriages, Two Miracles

Infertility made my life miserable. I felt ashamed and less than a woman. I could not attend baby showers, I was not happy for others. I would get to two months and miscarry. Thanks to five pills, I …More

Endometriosis, Conceived Daughter After Two Years and Hoping for Another Child

I can't help but feel jealous of family members/friends that are pregnant. I sometimes even avoid them as though they can sense my desperation. My doctor is recommending IUI but I am slightly worried…More

Trying to Conceive 2.5 Years, Failed IVF, Hoping to Transfer Single Frozen Embie

I think our journey sounds like most couples diagnosed with unexplained infertility: Lots of sex, no baby; IUI, no baby; IVF, NO BABY! The IVF process was probably the worst experience I've ever had …More

Trying to Conceive for Years, On Clomid for Two Months

I have always had irregular periods. Never managed to get pregnant. Have been to the hospital and had my tubes looked at, they are ok. So now been put on clomid tablets to produce an egg. The only pr…More

Not Trying to Conceive, But Concerned about Inability to Conceive in Future

It's not that I'm trying for a child at this moment. But I do want a couple in the future. I've had multiple men try to impregnate me, and I never get pregnant. For now, it seems to be a "blessing" s…More

Diagnosed with PCOS at age 17, TTC for Five to Six Years

It was about 1.5 years after diagnosis that I realized I wasn't conceiving and I should be. I had been attempting to for a while. I went to a doctor and he said that it would be difficult for me to c…More

Seven Years of Infertility, Unexplained Infertility, Later Diagnosed with PCOS

I don't know what to say other then I'm 30 years old never been pregnant, but I've always wanted children, and for a while it was unexplained. Now about three months ago, the doctor diagnosed me with…More

Trying to Conceive for Three Years, After Depo

The doctor said my tubes look fine, and there should be no physical reason why I am not getting pregnant but there must be a problem. I hate to hear people around me pregnant two and three times, and…More

Three Year Old from Clomid, After Two Years and Two Tries at Clomid

Infertility has affected my life in so many ways because I thought I could never have a child. I tried for about two years with my ex and finally I said to myself there must be something with me, and…More

Trying for 14 Months, Unexplained Infertility, Starting Clomid

Well, for those who has been diagnosed with "unexplained infertility", you might agree with me that this might be even more frustrating than a problematic diagnosis, as you can’t find the reaso…More

Five Miscarriages, Five Years, Diagnosed with PCOS

I have had 5 failed pregnancies. My first miscarriages happened 2/08 at 4 weeks. #2 at 6 weeks 9/08. #3 6/09 at 12 weeks (this was the first pregnancy where there was a heartbeat and it was complicat…More

One Miracle Child, Trying Clomid Again, and Remaining Positive About Life

I've been reading a lot of these stories. Doctors told me I couldn't conceive and my husband had a low sperm count. I wasn't enjoying my husband and sex became a chore. I prayed and believed God for …More

Trying to Conceive after 20 Months and Multiple Miscarriages. with No Insurance

I got pregnant twice, while on Yaz, when I was between 16 and 17 years old. Both ended in miscarriage. I got pregnant a third time, in April of 2007 with our little girl, had a very complicated pregn…More

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