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Reader Stories: Share Your Infertility or Trying to Conceive Story


Updated December 29, 2013

Sharing your infertility story can help you process your experiences and cope with this difficult disease. You are not alone, and when you tell your story, not only does it help you, it also helps others who will read and relate. Come read and share infertility stories here.

TTC for Two Years, Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Had my laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, and ovarian drilling done in October 2012, and found out both my tubes are blocked. An opening was made on one end of the tube so I could try to conceive.It's been 1…More

Part-time Step-Parent Trying to Conceive Her First Biological Child

I have been off of birth control since February 2011, husband I decided to not really try since we were married that following August 6th. After that we decided to actively try. Well, after a year, s…More

TTC for over a Year, Blocked Tubes and Scaring

I have always had a 'feeling' that I would have problems TTC. I have had severe cramps during my period ever since they started at 11 years old. I wasn't diagnosed with anything and was passed from d…More

Secondary Infertility, Just Diagnosed with PCOS after Trying for Two Years

They said they might put me on metformin or clomid. They said it probably has to also do with my weight and my age. I am 33 now. I was 28 when I got pregnant the first time. I have periods every mont…More

TTC for Three Years with Borderline Male Infertility and Mild Endometriosis

My husband and I have been married for 11 years and began trying to start a family 3 years ago. After the first year, I started using OPKs and charting BBTs. Six months after that, we went to our fir…More

TTC for Five Years with PCOS, Endometriosis, and Diabetes

I am 28 & have been TTC now for 5 years! I got married and got off my birth control pill! Had major withdrawals from the pill to where I constantly thought I was pregnant. I spent so much $ on tests …More

TTC for Seven Years, Failed IVF, Considering Embryo Donation

My husband and I have had a long journey. It started about 7 years ago with a successful reverse vasectomy and trying naturally. After about 3 years we went to the fertility clinic. Since we had seve…More

Secondary Infertility for Eight Years, Failed IUIs, IVFs, and Adoption

Had a natural unplanned pregnancy in 2003 and have been trying since 2004 to have another. I had planned to have three children, before the age of 35. It didn't occur to me that I was infertile until…More

Teacher TTC for Sixteen Months, Possibly PCOS

My husband and I have been trying for over a year now, that being the point where we realized that something besides "bad timing" must be going on. I've read endless TTC websites for advice and spent…More

Secondary Infertility, TTC for Nineteen Months, Unexplained Infertility

I got pregnant with my son after three months of trying so when we decided to start trying for another child, I was hopeful it would be an easy road. Boy was I wrong! After a year of trying, I decide…More

TTC for Almost Three Years, Holding Onto Hope

We tried everything that people said. From holding my hips up in the air, to positions, to pregnancy massages, to yoga, to food to eat or avoid, everything! And I hated hearing the words, "It'll happ…More

TTC after 40, Miscarriage, Surrogacy or Adoption the Only Options

My husband and I got together late in life, we had met when I was around 19, fell out of touch and reconnected, got married 2 years ago. Due to my age, we discussed having children immediately, I was…More

Diagnosis: Advanaged Maternal Age, Healthy Lifestyle but Still No Pregnancy

At the ripe old age of 38, I had no idea I was considered too old although, I heard 35 was considered advanced maternal age. I know so many women growing up that had no problem becoming pregnant well…More

TTC after Tubal Reversal, Two Children age 19 and 16, Wishing for More.

I have been seeing my OB since the second month after my Tubal Reversal surgery 3/6/2010. He started me on Clomid about 2 months later. I had a test done showing that I do ovulate on my own, he just …More

Ten Pregnancies, Eight Miscarriages, Two Miracles

Infertility made my life miserable. I felt ashamed and less than a woman. I could not attend baby showers, I was not happy for others. I would get to two months and miscarry. Thanks to five pills, I …More

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