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Fertility: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Quiz: Are You Experiencing Pregnancy Symptoms?
Could you be pregnant? Take this quiz to find out if you're experiencing pregnancy symptoms!
Quiz: Do I Have Infertility Symptoms?
Wondering if you might be infertile? Take this infertility quiz to see if you have possible symptoms or risk factors.
Quiz: Is My Period Normal?
Wondering if your period is normal or irregular? Take this period quiz and find out!
What No One Tells You About Pregnancy Tests
When can you take a pregnancy test? Are they truly 99% accurate? Also, learn about the best and worst days to take a test, and which test is the best.
Quiz: Do I Have Endometriosis Symptoms?
Are you at risk for endometriosis? Experiencing symptoms? Take this quiz to find out.
Quiz: Are Your Chances of Having Twins Higher...
Are your chances of having twins higher than the general population? Take this quiz and find out!
Quiz: Am I Ovulating Right Now?
Wondering if you're ovulating? Take this ovulation symptoms quiz and find out!
Pregnancy Symptoms Quiz Results
Are you experiencing pregnancy symptoms? Could you be pregnant? This quiz can not diagnosis pregnancy, but it can be fun to evaluate what you're feeling. Take the pregnancy symptom quiz below and find out.
Quiz: Do I Have PCOS Symptoms?
Wondering if you may have PCOS? Take this quiz and find out.
7 Signs Your Body Is Ovulating
Watch for these 7 essential ovulation symptoms if you're trying to get pregnant! (Plus, what to do if you don't have any ovulation signs.)
You Might Be Pregnant If...
Having flu-like symptoms? Maybe you're pregnant! Learn the pregnancy signs you can have as early as two weeks, plus how to know if you're really pregnant.
Is Pain During Ovulation Normal? Or Is It a...
Is it ovulation pain, implantation cramps, or something else? Learn when mid-cycle pain is normal and when it's a symptom of something serious.
Could It Be Twins? Quiz
Could you be pregnant with twins? Take this quiz to see if you're experiencing twin pregnancy symptoms!
What You Need to Know About Blocked Fallopian...
Worried about blocked fallopian tubes? Learn the symptoms, causes, treatment options, and whether you can still get pregnant.
8 Embarrassing Secrets You Must Tell Your OB/GYN
Could an embarrassing problem actually be a symptom of something serious? Here are 8 secrets you shouldn't keep from your OB/GYN.
5 Ways to Get Pregnant Faster
Get pregnant quickly with these five research-backed tips!
Quiz: Do I Have PID (Pelvic Inflammatory...
Wondering if you might have PID? Take this PID symptoms quiz and find out.
How Long Does Ovulation Really Last? What You...
How long does ovulation last? What (and when) is your fertile window? And what are your real odds of getting pregnant five days before ovulation?
Depression Symptoms Quiz
Depression affects your fertility, and infertility can cause depression. Wondering if you're depressed? Take this quiz and find out.
Could You Be Pregnant? Take This Quiz and Find...
Are you experiencing pregnancy symptoms? Could you be pregnant? Take the pregnancy symptom quiz!
Everything You Need to Know About Ovulation and...
What does ovulation mean? Learn all about ovulation, from signs of fertility to timing sex for pregnancy.
Are You Starting Clomid? What to Expect Day by...
Are you starting Clomid treatment? Learn what to expect day by day in this comprehensive step-by-step guide.
10 Questions to Ask If You Think You're Infertile
Worried you may be infertile? If you are having these infertility symptoms -- or have these risk factors -- you may have trouble getting pregnant.
A Step-by-Step Guide to Understanding the IVF...
While every clinic's protocol will be slightly different, here is a general step-by-step breakdown of the IVF treatment process.
This Is When You're Most Likely to Get Pregnant
When is the best time to get pregnant? Learn how to detect your most fertile days and get pregnant now!
What You Must Know Before Starting Clomid
Are you about to start Clomid? Learn everything you need to know here, from side effects, dosages, typical treatment, and success rates.
Here's How Often You Need to Have Sex to...
When should you have sex if you want to get pregnant? Does it need to be daily? Every other day? Learn here!
Three Possible Pregnancy Signs Hidden in Your...
Can your BBT chart tell you if you're pregnant? Maybe. Get the facts on implantation dips, triphasic patterns, and luteal length.
Why Do I Feel Pregnant When I'm Not?
Do you feel pregnant even when you're not? It's not all in your head! Learn more here.
What You Want to Know (But Are Afraid to Ask)...
Everything you wanted to know about baby making sex, including your most fertile day, sex positions for pregnancy, orgasm and pleasure, and more.
How to Check Your Cervical Position - Yes, You...
Learn how to check your cervical position for ovulation, pregnancy, or childbirth. Detailed instructions even a beginner can understand!
5 Ways to Know Whether You're Ovulating –...
How can you know if you're ovulating? Here are 5 ways you and your doctor can find out, and what happens if you're not.
Will Clomid Get You Pregnant With Twins?
Clomid twins aren't common, but they aren't rare either. What are your odds for twins?
Could a Drop in Temperature on Your BBT Chart...
What is an implantation dip? Is it a real sign of early pregnancy? And what causes it to happen? Get all the answers here!
IVF and the Two Week Wait: Bed Rest, Cramps,...
Your IVF two week wait questions answers! Get the facts on cramping after embryo transfer, bed rest, pregnancy symptoms, and sex.
8 Signs You Might Be Pregnant With Twins
Are you experiencing twin pregnancy symptoms and signs? Or are your symptoms not normal? Learn more here.
When Is a Period Considered Irregular?
What is considered an irregular period? How many days should your cycles be? And when should you be worried about it? Learn more here.
Trying to Get Pregnant? When You See This, You...
What is egg white cervical mucus, aka EWCM? Is egg white discharge normal? And is it bad if you have too much... or none at all? Get the answers!
How to Tell If Your Period Is Normal
What's a normal period and what's not? Get answers on bleeding, cramps, spotting, vaginal odor, luteal phases, days between periods, and symptoms.
Does Lying on Your Back Boost Your Odds of...
Can lying on your back after sex help you get pregnant? How long should you lie there? Find out here.
Don't Do These 5 Things If You Want to Get...
Here's what NOT to do when you want to get pregnant. Could you unintentionally be sabotaging your chances for conception?
Quiz: Results Page for Infertility Symptoms and...
Results page for infertility symptoms quiz.
Here's What You Need to Know Before Buying a...
Basal body temperature thermometers can help you track ovulation accurately and easily. Here's what to look for before you buy.
Taking Clomid? This Is the Best Time to Have...
When will you ovulate on Clomid? And on which days should you have sex? It's not the same for everyone. Get all the answers here.
What Women Need to Know About Ovulatory...
What if you're not ovulating? What are the symptoms of anovulation, and what can be done about it? Learn more here.
Can Cervical Mucus Tell You Whether You're...
Can you tell if you're pregnant by checking your cervical mucus or vaginal discharge? Find out here!
How Much Cervical Mucus Is Normal?
Can you have too much cervical mucus? Learn what it might mean if you have excess vaginal discharge.
Put That Early Pregnancy Test Down and Read...
Do you take multiple early pregnancy tests? Stop! Here are 7 reasons why you should kick this addiction to the curb.
Is the Female Orgasm Important to Get Pregnant?
Is female orgasm important for getting pregnant? If yes, how might it work? Learn how female orgasm may boost your chances of getting pregnant here.
14 Reasons Your Pregnancy Test Is Negative But...
Missed your period but the pregnancy test is negative? Here are 14 possible reasons this can happen...
How NOT to Use an Ovulation Calculator to Get...
Are ovulation calculators/calendars accurate? What about Clomid calculators? Get an easy to use ovulation chart here + everything you need to know!
Is the HSG Fertility Test as Painful as People...
Does an HSG hurt? Learn how it may feel, how to cope, and when to call the doctor after the test.
Sex for Conception Quiz: Test Your Babymaking...
How much do you know about sex for conception? Test your baby making know-how here!
Period Quiz Results
Results page of the Is My Period Normal? Quiz.
Will You Conceive Twins? Here Are 9 Things That...
What are your chances of having twins? From age to height to fertility drugs, learn what boosts your odds.
Quiz Results: Are Your Chances for Twins Higher...
Results page for quiz: Are Your Chances for Twins Higher Than Most?
What Is a Follicle? How Many Should You Have?
What is a follicle? What is the role of a follicle during ovulation? How many should you have, and how big should they be?
How Much Does One Cycle of IVF Cost?
How much does IVF cost? Get the details on IVF cost, including donor egg cost, embryos cost, and sperm cost, and ICSI cost and PGD cost.
Results for the Endometriosis Symptoms Quiz
Take this quiz to find out if you have possible symptoms of endometriosis or if you are at risk for experiencing endometriosis.
When Are You the Most Fertile?
When is ovulation day? Use these methods to determine ovulation and your most fertile days.
Try These 15 Superfoods to Boost Your Fertility...
Can certain foods boost your fertility? Learn about 15 fertility superfoods that may help you get pregnant, plus recipes to try!
What Are the Odds Clomid Will Help You Get...
Will Clomid help you get pregnant? Get Clomid success rates -- and learn when it may not work -- here.
4 Reasons a Man May Take Clomid (and How It Can...
Clomid can help men with fertility problems or those suffering from low testosterone. Learn about side effects, treatment protocols, and success rates here.
How Checking Your Cervical Mucus Changes Can...
How cervical mucus can help you get pregnant faster and indicate possible fertility problems. Learn everything you need to know here!
Getting Pregnant for Beginners: A Complete...
Learn how to get pregnant, including how to improve your fertility health, how soon you can expect to get pregnant, and how to increase your chances for conception.
What Are Your Real Chances of Getting Pregnant...
What are your real chances of getting pregnant after 35? Also, a surprising fact about your male partner's age.
Important Facts About IUI Treatment
Learn all about IUI treatment, what IUI is, how IUI works, and about IUI treatment success rates.
The Top 4 Sperm-Friendly Lubricants
Which lubricants are sperm friendly? Discover the best to use for trying to get pregnant, fertility testing, and fertility treatment.
Here's What Happens During a Laparoscopy
Diagnostic laparoscopy is one way your doctor may evaluate and treat your infertility, especially if endometriosis is suspected. Learn everything you need to know about laparoscopy in this article.
What to Expect From an HSG Infertility Test
Having a hysterosalpingogram, or HSG? Learn what to expect, whether it hurts, the risks, and why it's done.
Know the Risks and Side Effects of Clomid
Wondering about clomiphene's (aka Clomid's) side effects and risks? Is it safe? Get the facts here.
Irregular Cycles? Here's How to Get Pregnant
Yes, you can get pregnant with irregular periods! But you may need help. Here are some of your options.
Pregnancy Due Date Calculator
Figure out your due date with this due date calculator!
9 Things Every Woman Needs to Know About Her...
What do you really know about female fertility? Here are 9 things every woman should know if she ever plans to get pregnant.
Is IUI a Successful Fertility Treatment?
What are your chances for IUI success in your 20s and 30s? What about after 40? How does IUI compare to IVF? Find out.
7 Tips for Getting Pregnant After 35
If you're planning on getting pregnant after 35, here are 7 things you must know!
6 Signs Your Period Cramps Are Not Normal
Should you be worried about your period cramps? Here are 6 signs your menstruation pain isn't normal.
9 Measures of Semen Health, What They Mean,...
What your semen analysis results mean, including what's normal, what's not, and why. Also learn about sperm count, motility, morphology, and more.
How to Chart Your BBT and Detect Ovulation
How can you know if you ovulated? What do the dips on your BBT chart mean? Learn how to start charting, detect ovulation, and get pregnant faster!
Trying to Get Pregnant? Try One of These Kits
What is an OPK, or ovulation predictor kit? Learn how to use at-home ovulation tests, how they can help you get pregnant, and when they aren't a good idea.
Quiz: How Fertility Friendly Are Your Health...
How fertility friendly are your health habits? Take this quiz and find out!
Results to the Ovulation Symptoms Quiz
Get your results for this ovulation symptoms quiz.
10 Things You Can Do to Boost Male Fertility
From diet changes to avoiding toxins to good dental hygiene -- yes, dental hygiene! -- here's what you can do to boost male fertility.
If I'm Healthy, Why Can't I Get Pregnant?
You're healthy but can't get pregnant. What could be the problem? Get the inside scoop on invisible causes of infertility.
Here's What Happens With a Semen Analysis
Learn what to expect during semen analysis, including how it's done, what sperm count is normal, and what happens if your results are abnormal.
Why Clomid Isn't Working for You
What if clomid doesn't work for you? If you're not ovulating on clomid, there may be things you and your doctor can do to boost your chances of success. Learn what here.
What You Can Expect During the Early Stages of...
What can you expect during an IVF pregnancy? What happens now? Learn about what to expect during the early days of your IVF pregnancy.
How Long Does It Really Take to Get Pregnant?
Learn how quickly you can expect to get pregnant and what to do if you don't succeed. You'll also find resources on how to get pregnant sooner!
6 Surprising Facts About Clomid That You...
For how long can you take Clomid? Does everyone conceive twins? Can Clomid help you get pregnant if you're not infertile? Get the surprising answers here.
You're Taking Pregnancy Tests Wrong... Here's...
How do you take a pregnancy test the *right* way? Here's the very best way to do so, step by step, for those struggling to get pregnant.
Could You Be In Your Most Fertile Time Right...
Take this ovulation symptoms quiz and find out if you're ovulating!
Everything You Should Know About Endometriosis
What is endometriosis? Learn about endometriosis symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment here.
Endometriosis: 9 Warning Signs You Shouldn't...
Endometriosis symptoms vary from woman to woman, and even those with mild symptoms can have a severe form of the disease. Learn about endometriosis symptoms here.
Can a Triphasic BBT Chart Be an Early Sign of...
Does a triphasic chart mean you'll get a BFP soon? Maybe! Here's the research on triphasic patterns and how to recognize one in your BBT chart.
Obsessing Over Whether You're Pregnant This...
Don't let the two week wait take over your life! Here's how to cope during this stressful time.
Are You More Likely to Get Pregnant After an HSG?
Could an HSG improve your chances of getting pregnant? Maybe. Learn how and why here.
I Can't Get Pregnant. Now What?
Can't get pregnant and not sure what to do? Here's what next, from seeing your doctor, to graduating to a fertility clinic, to treatment options.
10 Ways to Cope When Trying to Conceive
Trying to get pregnant can quickly overwhelm you and take over your life. Here are 10 ways to take it back.
How You Can Cope When the Pregnancy Test Is...
When the pregnancy test is negative, you may naturally feel extremely disappointed. Is it foolish to remain hopeful? Learn more here.
6 Things Women Don't Know About Ovulation
If you want to get pregnant, healthy ovulation is key. Here are 6 ovulation facts that every woman must know.
Does Sex Position Matter When Trying to Get...
What is the best position to get pregnant? Find out here!
Do You Know What Your Cervix Looks and Feels...
What does a cervix look like? What does a cervix feel like, and how does it change when you're ovulating and when you're not? Learn more here!
Worried You're Infertile? Or Could You Be...
Worried about your symptoms? Wonder if you're pregnant? Take our fertility health quizzes for PCOS, endometriosis, pregnancy, infertility, and more.
What Are the Chances You'll Get Pregnant After...
What are your real chances of getting pregnant after 40? What if you use fertility treatments? Learn here.
5 Surprising Things You Don't Know About...
Learn what your dance moves, your fashion sense, and even your purchasing decisions have to do with ovulation.
10 Things Only Your Trying to Conceive Friends...
From the fine art of pregnancy test reading to your highly tuned pregnancy radar, here are 10 things only your trying to conceive sisters understand.
What It Means to Have Fertile Cervical Mucus...
Do you have fertile cervical mucus but no temperature rise on a fertility chart? Here's what may be wrong.
PCOS Symptoms Quiz Results
Results page for PCOS quiz.
Why You Shouldn't Use Lube When Trying to...
Do lubricants like KY Jelly kill sperm? What lubricants are sperm friendly? Get the answer here!
So You're Trying to Get Pregnant and You Got...
Getting your period when trying to get pregnant is never easy. Get tips here on how to cope.
A Woman's Guide to Understanding Polycystic...
Learn about symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), an endocrine disorder and a common cause of infertility in women.
How Vaginal Dryness May Decrease Your Fertility
Trying to get pregnant, but have little cervical mucus? Or vaginal dryness? Here's why and what to do.
How to Take Your Basal Body Temperature in 5...
Learn what your basal body temperature is, how to take it properly, and how you can use this information to get pregnant faster!
How Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Could Make You...
What is pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)? Learn the causes, symptoms, and treatments for this potentially deadly disease.
How to Tell if You Might Have Pelvic Inflammato...
Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) may lead to infertility and can be deadly. Learn the symptoms you need to know here.
What Are Gonadotropins and How Can They...
Learn about fertility treatment with gonadotropins, including risks, success rates, and cost.
Here's Your Complete Guide to IVF
Learn the basics of IVF treatment, including IVF procedures, risks, costs, and success rates.
12 Reasons Sex May Hurt -- And What You Can Do...
Sex shouldn't hurt. But for many women, it does. Here are 12 possible causes of painful sex, what can be done, and how it affects getting pregnant.
17 Options You Should Know for Infertility...
Infertility treatments can help you get pregnant. Learn about fertility treatment options, from pills to injectables to alternative medicine.
Does In Vitro Fertilization Really Work? How...
Get IVF success rates by age, for women younger than 35 to women in their 40s. Also get success rates for IVF with donor eggs.
Can the Drug Metformin Help PCOS Sufferers Get...
Learn about the side effects of metformin, and why this diabetes drug is used to treat infertility.
Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About...
What is Clomid? Will it work for you? What are the side effects? Get all the answers here, including info on mood swings and when Clomid doesn't work.
7 Things Every Man Should Know About Fertility
How much do you really know about your fertility? Learn seven things every man should know about fertility, even years before deciding to have a baby.
The 8 Most Commonly Prescribed Fertility Drugs
Has your doctor recommended fertility drugs? Read about the most common medications, including Clomid, Gonal-F, and Femera.
How to Buy Clomid at the Best Price
Clomid is a relatively inexpensive fertility drug, but why pay more if you don't have to? Learn where you can buy clomid for the best price.
Could It Be Twins? Results Page
Take this Could It Be Twins? quiz if you're wondering about twins!
Watch for the Symptoms of Ovarian Hyperstimulat...
Worried about ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome? Here are the symptoms and treatments for OHSS.
What if Your Semen Is Abnormal?
What happens if your semen analysis results come back abnormal? What if you have low sperm count? Learn what to expect here.
7 Tips for Beating IVF Costs
IVF is expensive. But before you decide you can't afford it, consider these 7 tips for reducing costs.
How to Have a Baby Even if You've Been Trying...
Learn beyond-the-basics tips on how to have a baby when you've been trying for awhile to get pregnant, and when you should seek help.
Trying to Get Pregnant? Here's Why You Must...
Could folic acid boost male fertility? And why is folic acid so important for women? Get the research on folic acid and fertility for men and women here.
How to Supercharge Your Sex Life When Trying to...
Get practical tips to improve your sex life during infertility or when trying to conceive.
Everything You Need to Know About Tracking Your...
A basal body temperature chart can reveal so much about your fertility. Learn how to detect ovulation, early pregnancy, and much more here!
Can the Cancer Drug Letrozole Help You Get...
How did the cancer drug letrozole become a fertility treatment? Learn the pregnancy success rates, side effects, and whether it's safe here.
BMI Calculator
Your weight can have an affect on your fertility. Calculate your BMI to find out if you're weight is within the healthy, fertility-friendly range.
Why You Should Have Sex Before ~and~ After...
Here are your odds of conception on the day of ovulation and after. Also, learn how sex after you ovulate may be good for embryo health!​
Your Guide to Male Infertility and What to Do...
Learn about male infertility, including treatments, causes, and diagnosis.
Do You Know the Scientific Name for Identical...
What are monozygotic twins? Are they really 100% identical? Learn the basics here.
How and When to Tell the World You're Pregnant...
Pregnancy after infertility can cause excitement, anxiety, and guilt. Here's when and how to share the news with the world.
Here's How to Talk to Your Doctor About Fertility
Talking to your doctor about getting pregnant and family planning should start before you start trying to conceive. If you have infertility symptoms or Learn how to make
Is Sex for Getting Pregnant Different from Sex...
Is sex to get pregnant any different than sex just for fun? Learn what to change to boost your odds!
8 Habits That Affect Your Fertility
Your bad habits can harm your fertility. But by changing your lifestyle, you can increase fertility. Learn what you should do here!
This Is What You Can Expect During a Fertility...
Fertility tests are an essential part of fertility evaluation and treatment. Through testing, your doctor can possibly discover what’s preventing you and your partner from achieving pregnancy. Learn more about fertility tests for men and women in this article.
Quiz: Are You Infertile?
Wondering if you might be infertile? Think you have symptoms of infertility? Take this
How the Female Body Really Works
Learn how the female reproductive system works, how the ovaries change as you age, and the cycle of ovulation and menstruation.
Risks of a Twin Pregnancy for Mothers and Babies
Twin pregnancy comes with risk, both to the mother and babies. Learn more about twin pregnancy risks here.
The 4 Best Online Fertility Calendars
Looking for a free fertility calendar? Check out these top four fertility calendar programs.
How Hydrosalpinx Prevents Pregnancy and What...
Hydrosalpinx, or hydrosalpinges, is a cause of tubal factor infertility. Learn its causes, treatment, and symptoms, as well as how it is diagnosed.
Need to Borrow Cash for IVF? Here Are 7 Options...
Is that fertility financing program really the best? Consider all your options! Learn about 7 borrowing possibilities for IVF or IUI.
Do You Know the Risks of Fertility Drugs?
Fertility drugs are not risk free. Learn the two biggest risks every woman faces when taking fertility drugs.

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