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Fertility Facts vs Fertility Myths: What You Need to Know


Updated September 15, 2013

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Myth: Infertility Can Always Be Resolved By Treatment.
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Infertility Myth: While infertility may be a difficult experience, at least it can always be resolved by treatment.

Fertility Facts: Unfortunately, not every fertility patient will get a baby who is biologically connected to them in the end.

The statistics are in your favor, however, with two-thirds of fertility patients eventually having a baby after treatment.

This myth often comes up in family conversations, as a way of dismissing your concern or feelings. "Don't worry," someone may say, "You'll get pregnant as long as you do enough treatments."

But that's not true, and this attitude can sometimes lead to a couple pushing for too many treatment cycles beyond what's recommended, even when it'd be in their best interests to consider alternative family building options or a child-free life instead.

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