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Fertility Facts vs Fertility Myths: What You Need to Know


Updated September 15, 2013

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Myth: It's Impossible to Have a Happy Life Without Children.
Moving on from infertility is possible.

Moving on from infertility is possible.

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Infertility Myth: It's impossible to have a happy life if you never have children.

Fertility Facts: There's no doubt that infertility is painful, and it can leave a couple feeling that something essential is missing from their lives. That said, it is possible to move on from infertility and have a happy life.

The decision to stop treatments and lead a child-free life is difficult, but it's also an important one to make consciously. Once made, it can allow you to seek closure on this part of your life, and begin the grieving process.

You'll never forget your experience with infertility, or forget the family you once imagined you'd have. But with time, you will eventually be able to enjoy life fully again, and not have your infertility at the forefront of your identity.

However, you shouldn't try to do this alone. Therapy can help.

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