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How to Have a Baby When You've Been Trying to Conceive for Awhile


Updated July 22, 2014

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Consider Complementary Medicine
Yoga can help you relax in your body and your mind.

Yoga can help you relax in your body and your mind as you go through fertility treatments.

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Complementary medicine, meant to work alongside mainstream medicine, may be something to consider when you're trying to get pregnant. Many fertility clinics are opening complementary medicine centers, so patients can get their acupuncture and yoga in the same place as their ultrasounds and embryo transfers.

Acupuncture is particularly popular, with some studies finding a higher rate of pregnancy success when coupled with IVF. (Other studies, however, have not found improved pregnancy rates.)

Mind-body medicine may be a good way to cope with the stress of fertility treatments. Mind-body therapies include things like meditation, cognitive behavioral therapy, guided imagery, support groups, yoga, and prayer.

While research has not yet found a strong connection to increased fertility and mind-body therapies, many studies have found them beneficial for lowering stress, depression, and anxiety. Some couples drop out of fertility treatments due to stress and anxiety. Mind-body therapies may help you get through treatments long enough to achieve success.

As always, be sure to let your doctor know if you're trying any alternative remedies, especially herbal or vitamin supplements. Some alternative treatments can interact with fertility drugs, sometimes in dangerous ways. So just keep your doctor informed.

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