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Early Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms

Can Early Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms Really Indicate Pregnancy?


Updated May 16, 2014

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Think you might be having early pregnancy symptoms? Take this pregnancy symptoms quiz!

Early pregnancy signs and symptoms are something that just about every woman obsesses over during the two week wait. And many of us do it knowing that these "early signs" of pregnancy are probably not related to pregnancy, but instead signs of approaching menstruation, regular two week wait hormones, or even signs of a flu or cold (like nausea and fatigue).

The only way to know if you're pregnant is to take a pregnancy test when your period is late. Even then, you can get a negative result if your body isn't producing enough pregnancy hormones yet. The most sure sign of pregnancy is when the fetus is found via an ultra-sound, something you have to wait quite some time to see.

But for those of you that can't stand the wait, and insist on obsessing, here are some potential signs of pregnancy that some women experience. (Provided with the disclaimer that you can have these signs and symptoms and not be pregnant, or have none of these early pregnancy signs and turn out to be pregnant.)

  • Tender breast.
  • Nausea, in the morning ("morning sickness") or at any time.
  • Increased fatigue.
  • Headaches.
  • Backache and menstrual-cycle like cramps.
  • Darkening of the areolas, the skin around the nipples.
  • Food cravings.
  • Frequent urination.
  • An implantation dip on a BBT chart.
  • A triphasic BBT chart.
  • Implantation bleeding (slight brown spotting anywhere between 6 to 14 days after ovulation).
  • More than 18 high temperatures on a BBT chart during the luteal phase.
  • A missed period.

If you're period isn't late, and you're just having early pregnancy signs, I wouldn't read too much into it -- not worth the disappointment if it turns out you're not pregnant. I can't tell you how many times I thought I was pregnant, when it turned out to be just a flu or bad PMS.

By the same token, if you have none of the above signs, it doesn't mean you're not pregnant. Of the above potential signs, the most reliable is a late period and an 18 day luteal phase as indicated on a BBT chart.

If you're period is late, you might consider taking a pregnancy test.

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