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Can You Accidentally Remove Your Cervical Mucus?


Updated January 04, 2010

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Question: Can You Accidentally Remove Your Cervical Mucus?

A reader writes, "I was checking for cervical mucus internally, and a really large amount came out! When I checked again, not as much was there. Could I have accidentally removed all the cervical mucus? Will this prevent me from getting pregnant?"


It's highly unlikely that you can remove enough cervical mucus to make a difference to your fertility this way. Keep in mind that during your most fertile time, your cervix is constantly producing the mucus that will help the sperm swim and survive.

So even if while checking, you accidentally scooped out quite a bit, a few hours later there should be more.

While unlikely, if you're worried about removing your cervical mucus by internal vaginal checks, you could limit your checking to looking at the discharge on your underwear or by only externally checking, either with tissue paper or your finger by the entrance to your vagina.

Don't Douche When Trying to Get Pregnant

While checking for cervical mucus is unlikely to lead to removing it, you shouldn't use any vaginal cleansers, deodorants, or douching products when you're trying to get pregnant. They can possibility interfere with your cervical mucus quality and impact your fertility.

Plus, douching and vaginal deodorants can irritate the sensitive tissues of the vagina, and kill off the good bacteria leading to vaginal infections. Besides being uncomfortable, a vaginal infection can make getting pregnant more difficult.

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