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Fertility Research and Controversy

Staying up-to-date on infertility research can help you be a better informed and empowered patient. Find information here on the research on infertility, explained in layman's terms, as well as resources for finding more information on infertility research.
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Male Fertility and Smoking
You already know that smoking is bad for your health, but you may not have thought about the effect smoking can have on fertility. Does smoking affect male fertility? Can the male partner's smoking habit stand in the way of pregnancy success? Find out in this article.

Female Fertility and Smoking
Its no secret that smoking is detrimental to your health, and so its probably no surprise that smoking can affect your fertility. How does smoking affect female fertility? Get the details on smoking and infertility here.

Caffeine and Fertility
A question on the minds of many women trying to get pregnant is whether the caffeine in their morning cup of coffee affects their fertility. What does the research actually have to say about caffeine and fertility? Is there any reason to feel guilty over just one cup of coffee? Learn more about the research on caffeine and fertility in this...

Optimal Fertility and Exercise
If you're looking to improve your health and fertility, you may assume that adding in exercise is one of the best actions to take. And while that is partially true, it's not the entire story. Even with exercise, too much of a good thing can be bad. Learn about the connection between fertility and excercise, and find out how much is ok -- and...

In the Mood? You May Be Ovulating!
Nature does know what it's doing. Increased sexual desire often correlates to impending ovulation. Read more about an interesting study on sexual desire and ovulation.

Could Just Being Overweight Make Getting Pregnant More Difficult?
New research from the Academic Medical Center in The Netherlands found that women with regular cycles, and otherwise no obvious fertility problems, still have a hard time getting pregnant if they are overweight. They also found that the more overweight the woman is, the lower her chances of pregnancy. For more information on this study, read this article.

Volunteer for Clinical Trials
Participating in research trials can be a way to either get infertility treatment for low to no cost, or to possibly try out new technologies and theories in the treatment of infertility. This government-run site lists the most current infertility related research trials looking for volunteers.

ScienceDaily.com: Latest Fertility Research News
Keep up to date on the latest research news on fertility and infertility at ScienceDaily.com. Some of the articles are not necessarily relevant to those seeking treatment (for example, fertility and mice studies), but all the same, there’s plenty to read and learn.

CDC’s ART Site
The homepage for Assisted Reproductive Technologies for The Centers for Disease Control offers statistics on ART use. The site also includes the annual ART reports, which include verified statistics on hundreds of ART clinics around the USA. Look up your fertility clinic here, to find out if they participate and how successful their IVF and other programs are.

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine
Stay up-to-date on the latest infertility related headlines at this page of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine.

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