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I’m Pregnant! Now What?

The Next Steps After Acheiving Pregnancy Success After Infertility


Updated June 27, 2014

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After months or even years of trying to conceiving, finally you can say, "I'm pregnant!" But now what? Those who have been deep in the world of fertility are often eager for information on having a healthy pregnancy. These articles from the Guide to Pregnancy will help you dig into this experience and be an empowered pregnant couple.

Calculate Your Due Date

Are you wondering when you'll get to meet your baby? Calculate your due date using this calculator. (Though if you're anything like myself, you might have already figured this out before you knew you were pregnant!) You can also learn more about due dates, including what happens if the due date is wrong or how due dates are calculated.

Decide When to Tell, Who to Tell and How to Tell

This is a big one for couples going through infertility, especially if a miscarriage (or more) has occurred in the past. How do you decide when to tell? When you do decide, how can you do it? And what if someone reacts negatively to your good news? Get the details in these articles.

Follow Your Baby's Growth

How does your baby grow throughout the pregnancy? Following the growth of your little one is a common way to bond with your unborn child. Learn everything you need to know about fetal development here.

Learn About a Healthy Pregnancy

All these months (and years!) of trying to conceive, you've begged to experience morning sickness. Now it's here, and you can't be happier - but some coping tips would help! Learn how to have a healthy, more comfortable pregnancy, and also connect with others who are at the same pregnancy stages as you are.

Twins, Triplets, and More

Women who have gone through fertility treatments are more likely to get pregnant with twins, triplets, or more, when compared to those who got pregnant without medical help. Maybe you're wondering if your strong morning sickness or fatigue could hint to a multiple pregnancy. Take this quiz to see if you might be carrying twins or more. Also, be sure to check out the other articles on a multiple pregnancy.

Finding a Practitioner

No matter how wonderful your reproductive endocrinologist may be, he's most likely not going to continue to be your doctor or offer prenatal care. It's time to find an OB, or obstetrician. You may be able to stay with your current gynecologist, but keep in mind he or she may not be the OB of your dreams. Or perhaps you'd prefer midwife care. Whatever your situation, it's time to do some research and find the right caregiver for you.

Choose a Place of Birth

Something you may not have thought about is where you'd like to give birth. Would you want a hospital birth? Or a birth center? Or even a homebirth? And how do you choose the right hospital or birth center? Don't wait until you're almost ready to pop to start looking into birth places, or you may not have time to fully explore all your options.

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