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Quiz: Am I Having Pregnancy Symptoms?

Have Some Two Week Wait Fun With This Pregnancy Symptoms Quiz


Updated June 05, 2014

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Could you be pregnant? Your symptoms may not give you all the answers.

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If you're experiencing any early pregnancy symptoms, you're likely wondering if you're pregnant or not. This quiz will help you see how many pregnancy signs and symptoms you're experiencing.

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Please keep in mind, you can't know with certainty whether or not you are pregnant without ultrasound confirmation or, at the very least, a positive pregnancy test. This quiz cannot confirm or discount a pregnancy diagnosis.

Nevertheless, it can be fun to evaluate what you're feeling, to see if you're experiencing many or just a few pregnancy symptoms.

Here are some common questions about the quiz:

If the Quiz Says I Have Many Symptoms, Does This Mean I'm Pregnant?

I'm sorry to say that no, it doesn't. Even if you have every single pregnancy symptom, you still may not be pregnant.

So why do you feel pregnant, if you're not? First of all, many of the so-called "early symptoms" of pregnancy are caused by the hormones every woman experiences during the two week wait.

For example, fatigue and headache are pregnancy symptoms... but they are also common premenstrual symptoms.

Can you tell an "I'm getting my period" headache from an "I'm pregnant" headache? Not really.

If I Have No Pregnancy Symptoms, Does This Mean I'm Not Pregnant?

Here's some good news! Not experiencing pregnancy symptoms does not mean you're not pregnant.

In fact, there are some lucky women out there who don't experience morning sickness and other discomforts during the first trimester of pregnancy. Not feeling well is not a pregnancy requirement.

I Know I'm Pregnant, But My Pregnancy Symptoms Have Disappeared. Is This Bad?

Pregnancy symptoms can come and go from day to day. They can also fluctuate from hour to hour. You may feel really tired and nauseated in the morning, but feel pretty alright in the early afternoon.

You may also get used to some of the symptoms, or learn how to handle them better.

Also, as the first trimester ends, some of the early discomforts of pregnancy fade or disappear. Morning sickness, for example, usually ends by the 12th week.

If you have a history of miscarriage, and your symptoms suddenly disappear, you may still want to contact your doctor. They may be able to run some tests to reassure you.

If symptoms disappear, along with spotting or cramping, then you should definitely contact your doctor. Before you panic, though, know that this can also turn out to be normal.

Click here to begin the pregnancy symptom quiz.

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