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Pregnancy, Birth, and Parenting After Infertility

Finally, you've achieved pregnancy success after infertility! While the actual trying to conceive aspect of life may be behind you, pregnancy, birth, and parenting after infertility may involve additional struggles and even risk factors. This is the place to get information on pregnancy, birth, and parenting that is specific to couples who experienced infertility.

Pregnant After IVF - What's Next?
What can you expect during an IVF pregnancy? After months of trying to get pregnant, finally you are thanks to IVF. What happens now? Learn about what to expect during the early days of your IVF pregnancy.

Early Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms
Can early pregnancy signs and symptoms tell you if you're pregnant? Find out here, and compare your symptoms with this list.

Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms with Twins
Could your pregnancy symptoms mean twins? Or... something else? Learn more about what your signs and symptoms may mean.

Making a Pregnancy Announcement after Infertility
Finally you're pregnant! Are you dying to tell the world this moment? Or wondering if you should keep it a secret until later? Maybe you're concerned the announcement will hurt your still-infertile friends? Here's guidance on navigating pregnancy announcements after infertility.

Why Do I Sometimes Feel Pregnant When I Am Not Pregnant?
Are you feeling pregnant but not sure if you are? Wondering why sometimes you have pregnancy symptoms but the test remains negative? Learn why this happens -- and how to cope -- in this article.

How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy after Infertility
You've worked hard to get pregnant, and your desire to have a healthy pregnancy is likely high. Having a history of infertility also raises your risk for some pregnancy complications, whether you have twins or not. This article gives you 10 tips to have a healthier pregnancy.

I’m Pregnant! Now What?

After months or even years of trying to conceiving, finally you can say, "I'm pregnant!" But now what? Those who have been deep in the world of fertility are often eager for information on having a healthy pregnancy. These articles from the Guide to Pregnancy will help you dig into this experience and be an empowered pregnant couple.

Pregnancy Success Stories
Achieving pregnancy success is a life changing experience for all women and couples, but achieving success after infertility has an even greater impact on a person. You have a perspective that is completely different from those who got pregnant with ease. Plus, your success story provides hope for those still trying. Read these stories from...See submissions

Due Date Calculator
Use this due date calculator to find out when to expect your baby. Whether you're already pregnant (congratulations!), or you're just playing 'guess when I'll have a baby if I get pregnant', you can use this calculator to get an expected due date.

Pregnancy Symptoms Quiz
Are you experiencing pregnancy symptoms? Could you be pregnant? Take the pregnancy symptom quiz.

Twin Pregnancy Risks
Finally, you've conceived, but now you learn you're carrying twins. What risks do you and your babies face? Learn what you need to know here, so you can be aware of worrisome symptoms and be prepared.

Can you detect early pregnancy signs with a body basal temperature chart?
Can you find early pregnancy signs by scanning your BBT fertility chart? Find out here.

Positive Stories on Having Twins, Triplets and Higher Order Multiples
After months or years of trying to conceive, finally you get pregnant with twins! Here's advice from moms of twins that have been there before, and please share your own twin thoughts!

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