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Ovulation Symptoms Quiz

Evaluate How Many Ovulation Signs and Symptoms You're Having With This Quiz


Updated May 16, 2014

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Ovulation symptoms may help you predict when to have sex to get pregnant. While ovulation symptoms can't always confirm ovulation, they can at least help you figure out when you are most likely to be ovulating.

This ovulation symptoms quiz can help you.

You're most likely to get pregnant during your fertile window - that's the two days before ovulation - but you can also get pregnant from sex that occurred up to a week before ovulation. During your fertile window, you should experience ovulation symptoms.

This ovulation symptoms quiz cannot confirm whether or not you're ovulating, nor can it diagnosis anovulation or infertility. But it can help you evaluate how many ovulation symptoms you're having.

The more ovulation symptoms you seem to be having, the more likely you're about to ovulate - which means it's time to head for the bedroom and start "baby dancing"!

Click here to take the ovulation symptoms quiz now.

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