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When To Have Sex When Taking Clomid

Choosing the Best Days to Boost Conception


Updated July 10, 2014

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Many people wonder when they should have sex when taking Clomid. It's really not much different than getting pregnant without Clomid.

The best time to have sex for pregnancy is one to two days before ovulation. Some doctors recommend using an ovulation predictor kit during Clomid cycles to help predict your most fertile days.

You can also try charting your BBT temperature. While your BBT won't be able to help you predict ovulation, it will let you know if ovulation has occurred.

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The best thing to do is to start having sex every other day for one week, starting on the fifth day after taking the last pill. Also, if you use an ovulation predictor kit, you may want to have sex everyday when the kit indicates that ovulation is around the corner.

It's important to keep in mind that these are not guaranteed days for ovulation, but only the most common times of ovulation for Clomid patients.

It's also important to keep in mind that the time you usually ovulate from cycle to cycle may be different when taking Clomid. You may ovulate earlier or later than you usually do. However, after Clomid treatment has started, ovulation will usually occur around the same time each treatment cycle.

Having sex "on demand" for fertility treatment can be very stressful, for both partners. If you're not in the mood, or feeling stressed, take some time to relax, and think about something other than sex.

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