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Do Fertility Drugs Increase Your Risk of Getting Cancer?


Updated April 29, 2014

As you read up on fertility treatments, you may come across claims that fertility drugs cause or can increase your risk of cancer. It is true that a few studies seemed to find a connection between fertility drug use and an increased risk of breast or uterine cancer, specifically with the drug Clomid.

All medications, including fertility drugs, come with risks. But is it true that you increase your risk of cancer if you use fertility drugs? Let's take a look.

Current Status


A few years ago, a widely publicized study reported that Clomid use may increase the risk of uterine cancer. However, since that time, more studies have been done, and most have found no significant increase in cancer risk after Clomid use.

In fact, ironically, one study showed that women treated with fertility drugs seemed to show a decreased risk of developing uterine cancer, when compared to infertile women who did not seek treatment. Another study found a decreased risk of developing breast cancer after Clomid.

Why the discrepancies?

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