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Fertility Testing, Pregnancy Testing, and Getting Help

Infertility diagnosis is often preceded and followed by a variety of medical tests. Tests may include blood work, semen analysis, ultrasound, x-rays, and, sometimes, invasive procedures like laparoscopy or biopsy. Whether you're looking for information on what kinds of tests to expect, or for advice on how to prepare for infertility testing, you'll find what you need to know here.

Am I Infertile? Quiz
Wondering if you might be infertile? Think you have symptoms of infertility? Take this Am I Infertile Quiz and find out.

I Can't Get Pregnant. Now What?
You and your partner have been unable to conceive. You know you need to see the doctor, but what happens now? Get a general overview of the process, from testing to treatment.

What to Expecting During Fertility Tests
Fertility tests are an essential part of fertility evaluation and treatment. Through testing, your doctor can possibly discover what’s preventing you and your partner from achieving pregnancy. Learn more about fertility tests for men and women in this article.

When Should You Ask for Help Getting Pregnant?
Getting pregnant isn’t always easy. Not sure if you need help getting pregnant? Find out when you should get help, how long to try on your own, and how to speed up the process of finding help for getting pregnant.

All About HSG (Hysterosalpingogram)
A hysterosalpingogram (HSG) is a special kind of x-ray, commonly ordered as part of an infertility work-up. It’s also commonly ordered if a woman has experienced two or more miscarriages. Learn everything about HSG, including information on HSG pregnancy, HSG pain, and what to expect during an HSG.

Sperm Count Test
Semen analysis should be part of every couples infertility work-up. Sperm count analysis is a relatively easy test. Still, its common to feel uneasy about any medical testing, and men are often nervous about receiving the results of a sperm count analysis. Learn about what to expect from a sperm count analysis test in this article.

Take a Pregnancy Test
For many women, deciding when to take a pregnancy test is a serious source of anxiety as the two week wait ends. Should you take a test early? Or should you wait to take a pregnancy test? Get the information you need in this article on when to take pregnancy tests.

All About Laparoscopy for Infertility
Diagnostic laparoscopy is one way your doctor may evaluate and treat your infertility, especially if endometriosis is suspected. Learn everything you need to know about laparoscopy in this article.

Day 3 FSH Levels Test
FSH levels testing is a basic part of a fertility work-up. Your doctor will likely order blood work to check your FSH levels, specifically on day 3 of your menstrual cycle. Learn more about FSH levels testing.

Fertility Test - Coping with Fertility Test Anxiety
Fertility testing commonly brings up feelings of anxiety for couples, for a variety of reasons. Do you, or did you, experience anxiety during fertility testing? How did you cope? Share your experiences and tips on fertility test anxiety here!

Pregnancy Test - Home Pregnancy Test Experiences
Deciding when to take a home pregnancy test can create a lot of anxiety when you’re trying to conceive. Share and read about home pregnancy tests! What has your experience been with home pregnancy tests? Did you get a false positive (also known as an evaporation line) from a particular brand? Did you get a false negative from a pregnancy test?

Will I feel pain during an HSG (Hysterosalpingogram)?
Many women wonder if the hysterosalpingogram HSG test will cause pain. Does an HSG hurt? Find out what to expect in terms of pain during an HSG in this FAQ on the About.com Fertility site.

Is Pregnancy After an HSG More Likely?
You might have heard that there is an increased chance of pregnancy after HSG. Is it true? Will an HSG help you get pregnant? Get the facts on pregnancy after HSG in this FAQ from the Fertility site at About.com.

Semen Analysis - Semen Analysis Test Experiences
If a couple is experiencing infertility, semen analysis is an essential fertility test, and should be one of the very first exams ordered. This test can, however, bring up feelings of anxiety. Share your semen analysis experiences and coping tips here.

Problems with Ejaculating for Semen Analysis, IUI, or IVF Treatment
Needing to produce a semen sample, for either semen analysis, IUI or IVF, may lead to "performance anxiety", or the inability to ejaculate. What can you do if you experience trouble producing a semen sample for semen analysis or fertility treatment? Here are some tips to help.

Do I Need a Sperm Count Test?
Sperm count tests are, unfortunately, often forgotten, and men are often hesitant of sperm count testing. If your doctor has not recommended a sperm count analysis yet as part of your infertility work-up, read this article on why you should ask for a sperm count test right away.

Diagnosis of Infertility
Receiving a diagnosis of infertility can be heartbreaking, but may also open the doors to hope. Once you know something is wrong, you can start working towards a solution. In this article, learn when a diagnosis of infertility is given, tips on speeding up the process of getting a diagnosis of infertility, and the common causes of infertility in...

OV Watch Fertility Predictor - Ovulation Prediction Watch
About.com’s Pregnancy Guide Robin Elise Weiss reviews the OV Watch Fertility Predictor, a really interesting way to monitor ovulation. Read her review for the details on how it works, the pros, and the cons.

When the Pregnancy Test is Negative
Getting a negative pregnancy test result can be very disappointing. Should you remain hopeful? How can you cope? Learn here.

Understanding Semen Analysis Results
You've had the semen analysis, and now you're reading your results. What does all of this mean? What is normal? And what isn't? Learn how to understand your fertility test result here.

What If Your Semen Analysis Results Are Abnormal?
If your semen analysis results come back abnormal, your doctor will repeat the testing. But what happens after that? There is further testing that can be done. Learn more here.

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