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Reader Stories from Those Trying to Get Pregnant

Tips and Experiences from Those Trying to Get Pregnant with Infertility


Updated July 02, 2010

How Do You Cope (Or Not) With the Two-Week Wait?

Time goes by slowely during the two week wait.
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The two-week wait is a dreaded time for those trying to get pregnant. For me personally, they always seemed to be the longest weeks of the entire month. So much anxiety, but at the same time, so much hope. (At least during the good months!) The two-week wait is even harder during treatment cycles. How do you cope (or not) with the two-week wait?

Infertility Myths You've Heard From Others

Hearing insensitive comments regarding infertility hurts.
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People say the darndest things. "Just relax, and you'll get pregnant." "If you didn't try so hard, it would happen." Or my favorite: "You're too young for infertility!" What myths have others repeated to you? And how have you responded?

Experiences with Acupuncture Treatment

Picture of a woman receiving acupuncture treatment.
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According to some research studies, acupuncture treatment may improve your chances for pregnancy success. But what is acupuncture treatment really like? If you've tried acupuncture, come share your acupuncture experience here. If you're wondering what to expect, come read what others have shared.

Coping with Fertility Test Anxiety

Fertility tests can lead to anxiety.
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Fertility testing -- it's like being in school again, only this time, studying hard the night before won't help. Coping with anxiety around fertility testing is tough. What has your experience been with fertility test anxiety? Any coping tips to share?

Who Did You Tell About Your Infertility?

It helps to have someone who can listen and support you.
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On the one hand, if you don't tell anyone about your infertility, you risk obnoxious questions ("Why haven't you had any kids yet, huh?"). Plus, you may feel more alone with your frustrations from trying to conceive. On the other hand, some people just don't know how to react to this information. Who have you told about your infertility? Any regrets? Or have you been happy with the reactions people have had to the news?

Experience with Semen Analysis

Needing to provide a semen sample for semen analysis, or IUI or IVF treatment, can bring up feelings of embarrassment for many men. It can also be difficult to do, leading to problems with performance anxiety. Share your experiences (you can do so anonymously) with semen analysis.

You Know You've Been TTC For Too Long When...

You know you’ve been trying to conceive for too long when you are not embarrassed to announce your cervical-mucus consistency in your Facebook status updates. Share your “You know you’ve been TTC for too long when...” mad-lib here.

Coping with Baby Shower Invitations

The dreaded baby shower invitation can be tricky to handle when you're dealing with infertility. Should you go? Should you not? If you don't go, then what? If you do go, how do you survive being around pregnancy and baby talk for hours? Share your experiences with baby shower invites here.

Coping with Infertility on the Holidays

The holidays can be an emotional time when you're trying to conceive. There are the family get togethers, which may mean being surrounded by babies and pregnant relatives (and questions about when you'll "finally" have that baby). And there are advertisements that boast of families with kids, something you long for. How do you cope with holiday stress and infertility? Share your tips and experiences here.

Perfect Infertility Survival Day

Mother's Day is one the hardest days of the year for women trying to conceive. But did you know we have a day of our own? Officially the day is celebrated the weekend before Mother's Day, but feel free to declare your own personal survival day anytime you need a boost. What would your perfect Infertility Survival Day look like? Share your dream!

Share BBT Charting Tips

Basal Body Temperature Chart
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Do you chart your body basal temperature? Or maybe you track your cervical mucus or cervical position changes? Whatever you do, if you've been doing this for awhile, I bet you have tips that others would love to read about. Share your experiences and advice!

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