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Should You Get Infertility Counseling?

Signs of Infertility-Related Depression and Anxiety


Updated January 03, 2013

I have trouble with concentrating and remembering things.

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Some fertility drugs can cause concentration problems. But if you’re finding that you are "spacey" much of the time and unable to concentrate on your work, you might want to see a counselor. Having trouble concentrating and remembering can also be caused by anxiety over infertility.

I am increasing my use of drugs or alcohol.

You know you shouldn’t be drinking when you’re trying to get pregnant. But maybe the stress has gotten to you, and you find yourself having a drink to relax a night. Especially if this is something you’ve never done before, or if your drinking is getting to be a problem, counseling may be a good option for you.

I am experiencing changes in the way I eat or sleep.

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Find yourself eating to comfort yourself? Or, do you just not feel like eating? Changes in your eating patterns, as well as changes in your weight, can be signs of depression. Problems with sleeping, either too much or too little, can also be a sign of depression.

I have had thoughts of suicide or death.

If you find yourself thinking that you’d be better off dead, or fantasizing about suicide, it’s extremely important that you see a therapist. Suicidal thoughts are a sign of intense depression, and the sooner you find help, the sooner you’ll be able to feel better about your life again.


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