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10 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself If You’re Fertility Challenged


Updated March 07, 2012

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Stop Blaming Yourself
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While it can be tempting to get sucked into self-blame, the smart thing is to think of your next steps -- and not focus so much on previous mistakes.

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Infertility is difficult to live with, but sometimes, I think we make things harder on ourselves. Not intentionally or consciously, of course, but because we don't know it can be any other way or we just don't realize we're self-sabotaging ourselves. Here are some things you should stop doing if you are fertility challenged.

Stop Blaming Yourself

Maybe you waited "too long" to start making a family, or maybe something stupid you did as a college student has wreaked havoc with your fertility. Maybe you wonder if that year you decided to live on only fast food wasn't the brightest idea. Or perhaps you have no idea what could possibly have led to your current fertility woes, but you're sure it's something you could have stopped had you only known better.

You need to stop blaming yourself. Even if you can find a way to somehow make it "your fault," you should still stop blaming yourself. It doesn't help. It just depresses you. Plus, most cases of infertility are either not preventable or not predictable. You really can't know if you had done something differently whether you'd be a Fertile Myrtle or not. Drop the blame, and just focus on what's most important now -- moving forward and tackling the problem.

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