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Finding a Fertility Clinic and Choosing a Doctor

As you seek fertility treatments, working with a doctor that you can trust and get along with is essential. Learn what to look for in a reproductive endocrinologist or fertility clinic, what questions to ask, where to find one, and advice on working together with your doctor.

Finding the Best Fertility Clinic for You
Choosing a good fertility clinic can make a huge difference not only in your comfort level and expenses, but also your success. In this article, you'll find all the questions you should be asking and how to get the information you need to choose the best clinic for you.

When Should You Ask for Help Getting Pregnant?
Getting pregnant isn’t always easy. Not sure if you need help getting pregnant? Find out when you should get help, how long to try on your own, and how to speed up the process of finding help for getting pregnant.

Fertility Specialists
There are a number of fertility doctors, including reproductive endocrinologists (or REs), andrologists, reproductive immunologists, and others. Learn about the different fertility specialists here, what they do, and how they can help you.

Talking to Your Doctor About Getting Pregnant
Whether you're in the planning stages of getting pregnant or already been trying for awhile, the first step to getting help is speaking to your doctor. Here's how to make the most of the conversation.

I Can't Get Pregnant. Now What?
You and your partner have been trying for six months to a year, and you know it's time to get help. But what does help look like? Who should you talk to first? Get the details here.

Questions to Ask Your Fertility Clinic
Before you choose a fertility clinic or reproductive endocrinologist (RE), you’ll want to carefully research and ask lots of questions. From the website of Serono, this article offers a list of possible questions to bring with you to your first appointment.

Fertility Clinic List: State by State
FertilityAuthority.com has a listing of clinics, searchable by state. Each clinic listed includes basic information, like the address and names of doctors, and sometimes additional information, like the clinic's philosophy or insurance coverage. There's also a convenient link to the IVF/ART statistics at the CDC's website.

Reproductive Endocrinology Physician Directory
You can search for a reproductive endocrinologist on the website of the Society for Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. You can search by last name or by State.

Find an Advanced Reproductive Care, Inc. Physician
Use this directory to find a fertility clinic or specialist near you that is part of the Advanced Reproductive Care, Inc. network of physicians. One huge advantage to using a doctor in this network is access to their payment plans, which for some couples offers a refund guarantee for treatments. If you don't have a baby, you get your money back. (But not every family is eligible.)

Society for Male Reproduction and Urology
Dealing with male-factor infertility? Use this directory from the Society for Male Reproduction and Urology to find a doctor in your area.

SART Directory
Searching for a fertility clinic that offers IVF treatment? Use this directory from the Society for Assisted Reproductive Treatment to find clinics near you. The best feature of this directory is that you can also find reports on the success of the individual clinics. Worth checking out.

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