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Mind Body Medicine Therapies for Fertility


Updated August 31, 2012

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Expressive/Writing Therapy as Mind-Body Medicine
Keeping a blog can be therapeutic.

Keeping a blog can be therapeutic.

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Anyone who has kept a blog or journal knows that writing out your feelings helps release them. Expressive or writing therapy is a mind-body therapy that involves using the written word to help express and process difficult emotions.

The writing may take place in the context of a writing for healing group, or it may be part of one-on-one psychotherapy. Keeping a blog or journal between psychotherapy sessions is another possibility.

Blogging is described by some as informal therapy, and there is a very large network of infertility support through blogging. If you enjoy writing down your thoughts, and would like to not only write but also connect with others, you may want to consider starting a fertility-focused blog.

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